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“A wellness trip is the best present you can give yourself”

Neeltje, co-founder SIS

We often hear that 'Life is taking over', and that really is such a shame to hear over and over. That is why we see ourselves here at SIS, as your personal pause button.

We have carefully handpicked the most beautiful spots available under the Mediterranean sun that offer the most comprehensive wellness programs. From lovely spa breaks to unique yoga retreats or that one detox / weight loss programme that you have always wanted to do. 

Let us know what you are looking for and what suits you and we will arrange it for you. Or, if you are looking for inspiration, we are happy to assist you and point you in the right direction. 

Oh yes and with every booking you will receive a unique and exclusive SIS Goodie Bag as a special treat from us.  

We hope to hear from you soon, 

Your SISters in wellness

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  • You get advice from true wellness enthusiasts!
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  • You always get a Sis Goodie Bag packed with exclusive extras

Our loveliest wellness breaks

"Detox the body, shed the weight – a symphony of well-being."

7 nights Detox & Weight Loss Cure at SHA Wellness Clinic

Yes, that's what I want!

"Where Serenity meets Sunlight"

7 nights Thalasso Relax at Oceano Hotel Health Spa, Tenerife

Yes, that's what I need!

"Basking in warm thermal waters, troubles fade & tranquility takes hold..."

5 nights Anti-Stress Spa Break at Balneario de Archena, Murcia

That's what I need

" It's not just a break from routine; it's a commitment to your well-being."

7 nights Ultimate Reshape at Epic Sana Algarve Hotel, Portugal

Yes, that's what I am looking for!

"Yoga by the sea: where the waves meet your breath in a tranquil dance."

7 nights Seaside Yoga Relax Program at Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel

Yes, that's what I am looking for!

Top tips from Neel & Fem

Do you want to become the best possible version of yourself? Then don’t miss these tips!

Start your journey to a healthier, more resilient you today. New beginnings in wellbeing and health aren't about drastic changes but sustainable choices. Small steps add up to lasting results. Think practical: balanced meals, regular exercise, and mental well-being. No need for extreme diets or intense workouts. This is about long-term commitment, not quick fixes. Picture a future where you feel energetic, strong, and content. Begin now, making choices that align with the life you want to lead. Health is an ongoing investment - no expiry date, just continuous rewards of feeling good and living well. Your new beginning is today!

And it´s our privilege to help you uncover the keys to healthier and happier you :-)

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