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SIS - Spa in Spain

SIS - Spa In Spain is set up by 2 Dutch SISters, Neel and Femke. We moved to Mallorca in 2004 and 2008. As true spa lovers we were surprised by the high quality level of the Spa & Wellness hotels and the unique setting of these resorts in Spain. We felt we had to do something with that, we could not keep this secret to ourselves! The combination of Spa & Wellness with the beauty of Spain is of a unique kind. The beautiful nature, numerous bays, virgin beaches and the fine weather, the kindness of the people, the interesting cities, culture and history and the great spa hotels and wellness retreats; all that and much more make Spain, a special destination where you can enjoy your wellness holiday to the utmost!

We visit every property ourselves and only include our favourites. Explore our website and read about the best spa packages and wellness breaks we have selected for you. See if there is something you like. Alternatively feel free to contact us with your own ideas and suggestions. We will be very happy to create together with you, your perfect Spa & Wellness break to Spain!!

Team members

  • Femke Steenbakkers

    Founder & Director

    Hola! I am Femke, one of the two SIS-ters. I came to Spain in 2004. After living for years in hectic Holland, I decided I wanted to take more out of life and Mallorca seemed to be the perfect place for that. Spain is the perfect place to relax and re-gain new energy. Nothing beats the sun vitamins!
    My Wellbeing Tip: Spring clean your body with a detox cure once a year, keeps you healthy and full of energy. But if not… have a mug of warm water and the juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning, for a fresh start of the day!

  • Neeltje Steenbakkers

    Founder & Director

    Hi, I am Neel, the other SIS-ter. Living in Spain since 2008, enjoying Spa & Wellness since my 10th when my mom and dad took us to a sauna for the very first time. What an impressive experience, the cold water bucket above my head was immensely cold, but followed by a warm Jacuzzi, I thought, WOW this hot-cold sensation I LIKE...
    My Wellbeing Tip: Once a year a Wellness break just for you, no husband, no kids, just YOU! But if not.... just 10 minutes a day meditation at home, also does wonders!

  • Christian Lorigan


    Having lived in Spain years ago, life took over and I ended up returning to the UK for 6 years. Moving to Mallorca in 2012 was the best thing we ever did, the quality of life is exceptional. My top tip is try not to live life on auto-pilot, take time out to ask yourself the right questions, don’t let life happen to you, choose your own direction!!

  • Stephanie Müller


    Hi, I am Steffi. Since 2002 Majorca is my home away from home. As a travel agent I came to the island at that time to make new experiences for my profession and to learn Spanish. I stayed…the air, the light, the sea – totally different to Germany with a lot of grey times. My Wellbeing Tip: take a bycicle and discover all that beautiful landscapes along the way. Side effect: boost your fitness and Wellbeing. And don’t forget: have a break at a sunny, picturesque village square and enjoy a freshlz squeezed orange juice...mhhh!!

  • Marta Coterillo Bocanegra


    Hello, I am Marta, Spanish by birthright but now a citizen of the world having lived all over! I started on my path of consciousness over 10 years ago through yoga practice and I now share this passion as a yoga teacher. My philosophy in life can be defined with one single word "presence" and my tip would be "to remain present at all times and in and everything that you do”. For me it is really important from time to time to travel to a relaxed place where you can reconnect with yourself recharge your batteries. Nourish your body and mind with positive experiences and remember that you are the reflection of your thoughts.

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