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About Fem & Neel

Your SISters in Wellness! We are strong believers that sound knowledge is to be shared and, in this case, if our insider information and top tips can help you to become the best version of yourself then what better reason is there?!

We often hear that “Life is taking over”, and that really is such a shame to hear over and over. That is why we see ourselves here at SIS, as your personal pause button.

The SISters

Hola! We are Fem and Neel, 2 Dutch SISters who have enjoyed the wonderful Mediterranean life in Mallorca for years. As working mothers, we know how important it is to look after yourself, both mind and body. If you feel good about yourself, you will have so much more to give, both personally and to those around you. That is why it is our mission to offer you a 'time-out' from your often-busy life to focus a little on the “me time” and keep your best asset - you - strong and focused. For this we have selected the best ingredients for you: the finest 'wellness spots' in stunning locations, sunshine and above all, a lot of relaxation! 

That's how it all started .... 

More than 10 years ago we both wanted to escape the hectic city life in Amsterdam and the 'rat race' that we had fallen into. In search of a better quality of life and a more relaxed lifestyle we ended up in sunny Mallorca. Although to a lot of people Mallorca is known as a party island for the youngsters, we discovered a completely different side to this stunning island... .. tranquility, light, freedom .... As true wellness enthusiasts we were surprised by the beautiful spa’s, the luxurious wellness hotels and the magical yoga retreats, thanks to their unique locations and the soothing energy they exude. The laid-back Mediterranean way of life combined with the ultimate wellness experience cannot help but lead to TOTAL RELAXATION, ideal for the often busy and hectic Northern Europeans! We knew instantly that we had to do something with this newfound discovery, we could not keep these secret spots to ourselves, we had to share this with everyone! And so in 2009 our baby, SIS Spa in Spain, was born ... 

This is what we stand for

Wellness is our passion

You might be surprised to learn that it has not been so easy to find these hidden gems! Some might say we are just very particular and admittedly we do have very high standards. To make the cut and to get our seal of approval each place has to be somewhere that we would go on holiday ourselves. Over the years we have visited more than 200 spa’s, hotels and retreats, not only in Mallorca of course, but all over Spain and more recently also in Portugal.  We test all the hotels, resorts and retreats on our website, and do so every year, so we are constantly aware of what is happening locally and can personally advise you based on our own genuine experience. We have now built up a short list of 40 Wellness hotels, resorts and retreats where you can experience a unique wellness holiday. You will be happy to know that the endless search continues and we are always on the hunt for those special new spots.

YOU are our number ONE!

Everybody is different. Everyone has a different need. We understand that. That is why we offer an extensive selection of venues with comprehensive wellness programs so we can cater for each individual client’s needs. Your personal needs as a wellness traveler come before everything else and is actually the starting point of our website. What use would it be to send you to a sensational venue if the program just doesn’t match what you were looking for, right? We listen to your wishes and requirements so we can make sure we find you a program that fits. If we cannot find the right package, we build a be-spoke program, a perfect match especially for you, we really want you to enjoy your wellness experience! And if that happens to be in a beautiful hotel or retreat in an amazing location, is a fortuitous coincidence, is it not?! 

We are family!

We are your SISters in Wellness and we are delighted to welcome you into our SIS family. We don’t only say that lightly, we really mean it! As a family you standby each other, you would do anything you can, and nothing is ever too much. As there are only four of us here in the team, you can be sure that you can always talk to someone who takes the time to understand what you are looking for and that can give you honest advice, because that´s what you would expect from a sister. We will ask critical questions where necessary and inspire you with enthusiasm with our personal recommendations. Because family is for life ;-) 

If you are happy then we are happy!

It makes us happy if we can make you happy. And if you are happy the people around you will also be happy! Your wellness experience is so much more than just a holiday, it can be a life-changing experience! You can go away and come back as a better version of yourself. Not only physically (if you have opted for a slimming, detox or fitness programme, for example), but you will also notice the difference mentally. You will feel energetic, inspired and full of strength, so you can continue to make small changes at home towards a healthier and happier life. This will make your holiday an experience you will never forget! 


Meet your SISters in Wellness

Neeltje Steenbakkers

Founder & Director

Femke Steenbakkers

Founder & Director

Marta Coterillo Bocanegra


Julia Koch


Our philosophy

By moving to Mallorca and doing the job we do, we have chosen a life that makes us happy. On this website you will find a lot of information about health, wellness and happiness and we want to share this information with you so you too can create a life for yourself that makes you happy. One where you feel comfortable in your own skin, not only on the outside but especially on the inside! Because let's face it, that is exactly why you choose a wellness holiday, you want a healthy holiday to feel better on a physical and / or emotional level. 

And ultimately you don’t only do that for yourself, but also for the people around you. A better YOU is positive and strong in life and you are not the only one that benefits, it also benefits the relationship with your partner, your children, your family and your friends as well as your worklife. Everything you want in your life can start with a decision you make today ;-) And we are happy to help you! 

With love from - your SISters in Wellness, 

Fem & Neel 

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