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"Hydrology? It is a science that deals with the study of water in general"

Mari Carmen Valenzuela, Dr. specialising in Medical Hydrology

At the Balneario de Archena is to take advantage of our knowledge of the mineral-medicinal waters for their application, combining it with a diet

I am a doctor specialising in medical hydrology, an expert in nutrition with a master's degree in nutrition and food safety from the UCAM (Catholic University of San Antonio, Murcia) and a specialist in active cellular nutrition from INCA (Institute of Active Cellular Nutrition, a study centre specialising in professional training in cellular nutrition, orthomolecular nutrition and diet therapy).
My role at Balneario de Archena is to make a medical visit to patients who come to the clinic to receive treatment with mineral-medicinal waters through a series of application techniques, either in the form of individual or collective baths or through showers or the application of mud, as well as physiotherapy treatments or slimming diets, whether they come for rheumatological, respiratory, dermatological or weight loss problems.

Mari Carmen, could you please explain what is hydrology?
The hydrology is a science that deals with the study of water in general.

And what about medical hydrology?
It is a medical speciality that deals with the essential characteristics and possible therapeutic interest of mineral-medicinal waters. A distinction must be made between medical hydrology and hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy deals with the topical applications of drinking water for therapeutic purposes.

What do we mean when we talk about mineral-medicinal waters? 
These are waters that, due to their chemical composition, their organoleptic character and their temperature, confer therapeutic properties.

What is the relationship between medical hydrology and nutrition? 
There is no direct relationship between medical hydrology and nutrition. What we do at the Archena Spa is to take advantage of the knowledge of the mineral-medicinal waters, as well as the different thermal techniques for their application, combining it with a diet adapted to the needs of the patient.

How are the mineral-medicinal waters used in a weight loss process? 
At Balneario de Archena, we have programmes for weight loss which are aimed at combining thermal techniques with a diet adapted to the needs of the patient. We take advantage of the effects of the mineral-medicinal waters, depending on their temperature, their composition and the different forms of application for those people who come to our clinic with the aim of losing weight.

What is the process before starting weight loss treatments?
During the medical visit, a medical history is taken with an examination and a personal composition analysis to see the calorie needs you have, as well as the weight loss you need in order to be able to indicate a suitable diet according to your energy needs and your body composition.
We then prescribe the thermal treatments applied with mineral-medicinal waters, consisting of baths, saunas, mud and massages. With these treatments we achieve a relaxing effect, as well as the elimination of toxins and the strengthening of the muscles respectively. Along with these thermal treatments we apply aesthetic treatments consisting of reducing and firming massages.
At the end of the treatment we review the progress our patient has made in terms of the desired weight loss.

Which pathologies are likely to benefit from thermal treatments?
The pathologies most likely to benefit are rheumatological pathologies, both acute and chronic processes, musculoskeletal pathologies, respiratory pathologies of both the upper and lower respiratory tract. Dermatological and neuropsychiatric pathologies, as well as metabolic disorders.


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