National Wellness Week!

This Week it is National Wellness Week in the USA from March 19-25. An event organized by Spafinder. Of course it is a smart marketing thing to get Spa enthusiasts and bargain hunters on the road to spend money, as spas, fitness centers, nutrition centers, salons and wellness centers are using this event to attract more clients by offering their services to discounted prices.

But we actually like the idea of a national Wellness week, not in particular the commercial side of it. But we like better the motivation for the initiative. As the National Wellness Week is also an awareness campaign to promote healthy living and affordable health choices.

Spafinder´s motivation for organizing the Wellness Week and its specific time of the year is that the first day of spring falls during that week, on Tuesday, March 20. They think it is the ideal time to revisit your New Year’s resolutions or start a fresh, new wellness routine as warmer weather approaches. Spring is a season of new life and new possibilities, a perfect time to start taking charge of your health.

It is a great idea to make people aware of the many affordable choices for health and wellness, because people need to take care of their bodies and shouldn’t be forced to have finances be an obstacle for maintaining and improving health. Spafinder´s Wellness Week is serving as a vehicle to benefit those who typically see these services as a luxury when, really, it is about a person’s quality of life.

We completely agree with this. We LIKE! Why would we not consider introducing a European Wellness Week??

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