10 Reasons To Go On A Detox Holiday

Detox Holidays

If you were ever wondering how stars like Kylie Minogue, Liz Hurley, Madonna and Elle Macpherson manage to lose weight and come back from holiday looking fresh faced, fit and fabulous, while most of us tend to put on the pounds? Detox holiday are the secret, they are a massive hit with celebrities!

Partly thanks to the celebrities, Detox holidays increase in popularity, but also because  more and more people take a DIY approach to their health and search out new ways to lose weight, get educated, ditch long term medication and kick start a more healthy lifestyle. A Detox holiday turns out to be perfect to achieve just that!

But for those of us who don’t have celebrity bank balances, there are detox holidays out there that offer great value for money and are guaranteed to deliver results. So it is definitely not something for ¨people with money¨ only. Let this, no longer, be a reason for not going on a detox holiday and read about the 10 reasons why you should go on a detox holiday!!

  1. You will return feeling lighter in body, clearer in mind and more energised than you have in years, plus you can lose at least one pound in weight a day
  2. You will be away from all temptations that can make it hard for you to detox or diet at home and stay on track, and everything is done for you, so you can truly relax and enjoy the activities/rest knowing that your body is getting the best balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to reset itself.
  3. By removing tea, coffee, alcohol, processed food, meat, dairy etc. from your diet you will be allowing your internal system such as the colon, pancreas, liver, kidneys etc. to both cleanse and rest meaning when you return they will be much more effective. Your external body will also start to cleanse with clearer eyes, softer skin, fuller hair as just some of the great positive effects.
  4. You can clear your internal body of toxins whilst also enjoying a holiday!
  5. Many detox holidays have specialist equipment and services as colonic hydrotherapy, infra red saunas etc. that can enhance your detox process.
  6. A detox holiday in the sun can boost your vitamin D levels, very important in the healing process.
  7. Part of any detox program should be sleep, on a detox holiday you can rest whenever your body requires it.
  8. A detox holiday works on the mind as well as body – giving you time to focus on you and give yourself important love, care and attention. Many retreats also include activities such as yoga and meditation that are helpful for detoxing the mind.
  9. A detox holiday is also a great time to give up vices such as smoking and drinking to excess, and the replacement nutrients you receive may even help you to not return to them again in the future, plus you are around experts, in a safe environment and without temptation or a nearby shop to run to, which can help you get through the painful first 72 hours.
  10. On a detox holiday you will allow your body to heal much more effectively and this may even have an effect on longer-term conditions and illnesses such as skin conditions, mental conditions and even major conditions such as diabetes.

At Spa In Spain, we offer several affordable detox holidays. A good example is the 7, 10 or 14 days Mayr Cure at Océano Vitality Hotel & medical spa in Tenerife. The modern Mayr medicine concept offered here is a holistic approach to preventive treatment, the correction of eating habits and general improvements to health. It is based on the discovery that the optimum function of our intestine is the basis for sound health. More info

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