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Dr. Rolle Mayr Cure at OceanoDr. Matthias Rolle you are the Senior Doctor and owner at Océano Hotel & Health Spa. Can you tell us about your background, experience and what brought you to Tenerife?

Having worked for many years in a clinic for natural health and pain relief in northern Germany for me it is clear that nutrition is an important part of our health. The opportunity to create a center in Tenerife was unique due to the ideal setting of climate and direct access to the sea.

What is the detox program?

By cleansing and strengthening our intestines we support our body to discharge all types of excess and toxic substances. Detox should always be combined with the relaxation of body and mind.

What benefits would you have by doing a Detox?

An annual detox helps you to recover your vitality and prevents many chronic diseases, which affect so many people due to the lifestyle they lead.

Diet: How important is diet for effective detoxing?

Because intestines are by far the biggest organ to discharge, sustainable detoxing cannot happen without including and involving the intestines. For this reason diet is one of the main factors for effective detoxing.

Can you tell us about Oceano Mayr Cure program , what is involved and a typical day.

Oceano’s Mayr Cure program is based on a hundred year old tradition coming from Austria. We start off with a mild cleansing of the intestines in combination with giving the intestine a rest by reducing our food intake. The focus is more on how we eat and that we chew properly. Moreover we should take care that the food is not aggressive to our intestines. This will result in a deep, regenerative process of the whole body and mind. Based on a comprehensive consultation with our specialized doctors we will prescribe minerals and an individual diet together with a series of treatments including abdominal massages given by your doctor.

mayrx3_01First thing in the morning you take Epsom salts before doing some light morning exercises, for example yoga. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and will consist for example of a buckwheat breadroll, which should be chewed extensively and a fresh natural goat yoghurt. During the day you will receive several treatments such as massages, baths, wraps and you will see your doctor at least every second day and receive an abdominal treatment. Before lunch it is recommended to take a half an hour´s rest with a liver compress. The food at lunchtime might consist again of a breadroll or of vegetables and light protein. In the afternoon you follow your rhythm of light activities, rest and drinking mineral waters and tea. Dinner should be very light or if possible omitted completely.

Should a Detox program be combined with plenty of physical activity?

A detox program requires a lot of rest, so physical activities should be very modest and always adapted  to the each individual.

How can people best prepare at home before a Detox program?

One week before you start your detox program at Océano, you should start to reduce your intake of coffee, alcohol, sugar and turn to light food such as steamed vegetables, protein and small amounts of carbohydrates avoiding raw foods, deep fried foods and desserts. If you feel comfortable, we recommend for the 3 days before arrival taking Epsom salt in the morning. In this case the dinner should be very light consisting only of a light vegetable soup.

What feedback do you get from clients during or after a Detox stay?

People feel renewed after a detox. They return to work or their daily routine with a much higher level of energy, improved sleep, much more resistant against colds during wintertime and in general feel more enthusiastic about life.

On returning home should clients adapt their diet or avoid certain things to prolong the benefits?

Most important is the transition after the cure back to their normal lifestyle. The Mayr Cure does not prescribe a daily diet to follow at home, but needless to say that the more gently and gradually you return to your normal lifestyle, the more long term the effect will be. In general the experience of a Mayr Cure really helps to recover a stable rhythm of life, which is one of the most important factors of being healthy nowadays.

Can a detox program be used as a “quick fix” for people who overdo it or want to lose weight quickly?

Mayr Cure treatment at Oceano Health & SpaWe always check the needs of each individual guest coming to our center to provide them with the optimum service during their stay. The Mayr Cure promotes a sustainable improvement of our health, but of course we also have the need to respond to situations of extremely high stress. With regards to weight loss it is essential that we achieve a strengthening of the intestines in order to make it sustainable. If not the result of quick weight loss can often result in putting on even more weight.

Are there certain situations where a Detox program is not advisable?

All acute diseases do not allow a detox program. This includes all types of infections, injuries and cancer while treated with chemotherapy or radiation.

Do you have any important tips that people should know?

The two tips that I would suggest are that you should always try to keep worktime and meals separate so you take the time and care to eat, chew and digest properly and that once a year you have a period of time when you allow your body and mind to have a reset.

For more information about the Mayr cure and prices, click: https://www.spa-in-spain.com/hotels-and-spas/hotel/oceano-hotel-health-spa/10-night-detox-mayr-cure/

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