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Dr. ValeDr_Valenzuela_Balneario_Archena about termal weight lossnzuela, you are the doctor at Balneario de Archena, where dedicated termal weight loss programs are offered.

Yes, my name is Mari Carmen Valenzuela and I am the doctor at Balneario de Archena. I am specialised in medical hydrology and in nutrition and came to Balneario de Archena to be part of the team of doctors all specialised in medical hydrology.

Thanks to the extensive range of thermal techniques we provide here at Balneario de Archena, we have for a long time offered health programs aimed at relaxation, rheumatism, respiratory problems, dermatology, beauty problems, etc, however at
some point several years ago we recognised the need of our clients to establish a new program. A program that takes advantage of the thermal water treatments and the relaxing facilities at our disposal in the Balneario as well as re-educating our clients about healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle in general and of course providing an environment where guests can lose a few kilo´s during their stay. This is when we introduced the Termal Weight loss program at Balneario de Archena. The program is a combination of thermal and aesthetic treatments, complemented by an individual and personalized diet and physical activities.

What makes Thermal water so healthy?

The medicinal mineral water of the Balneario de Archena was declared suitable for public utility in 1869 and emanates from the spring at a temperature of 52,5ºC. Due to the fact that this water has been underground for more than 15,000 years, the medicinal mineral properties are unique and in particular the qualities lie in its mineral elements and microbiological purity.

What specific benefits would you have by following a termal weight loss program based on thermal water opposed to other weight loss programs?

Thanks to the properties of the medicinal mineral water, the water-related treatments help to get rid of liquids and toxins from the body and furthermore can help to break down and process fats. In addition these waters have the ability to provide the much needed rest and relaxation which can improve the defence system, favours maintenance and improvement of joints and facilitates the repair of the skin against aging. So the overall results of the termal weight loss program is not only to lose weight, but also to improve the general health and wellbeing of the clients.

HThermal_weight_loss_Balneario_Archenaow important is diet for effective weight loss?
A good and healthy diet is fundamental to achieving and maintaining long term weight loss. Most of the patients we have who are either overweight or obese, do not follow a diet which matches their energy needs and tend to have unhealthy eating habits, both of which make weight loss much more difficult to achieve and is unlikely to be sustainable.

What type of diet do you prescribe the guests during their stay at Balneario de Archena?

The diet is always personalized for each and every guest and will depend on the weight, age and energy needs of each patient. When we compose the diet, we take into consideration any allergies and food intolerances and in some cases changes will be made to the diet depending on an individual pathology. In general however we use a hypo caloric diet, that is to say where you eat fewer calories than you burn.

Can you tell us about the termal weight loss program at Balneario de Archena, what is involved and what a typical day looks like?

The program always starts with an initial consultation with me. I will perform a clinical analysis based on medical history, eating habits and general pathology. From there we will make a body composition analysis, which gives us information about lean mass and fat mass as well as the percentage of liquids in the body. This report then helps to determine the amount of weight you should lose. Based on the results of both tests we will prescribe a diet as well as a treatment plan, which will help you to reach your goal. The final consultation I have with the patient is during their penultimate day where we assess the results. For longer stays, (a standard program is 7 nights), we will arrange further consultations in order to measure the progress throughout your stay.

What specific/ typical treatments do you use in the program to stimulate the weight loss process?

We use treatments based on thermal water, either through mud baths, massages, beauty treatments combined with lymph drainage and anti-cellulite massages. Vital to the result is also to do exercises in the pools as well as walking and hiking!

Pool for termal weight loss programOn returning home how can clients adapt their diet or avoid certain things to continue with or at least maintain the weight loss?

During the last consultation I will give the guest a diet to continue at home as well as a series of tips. Once clients are at home they also have the opportunity to contact me via email or phone so we can monitor their progress and of course answer any questions that may arise.

Do you have any important tips that people should know with reference to weight loss?

In order to achieve and maintain weight loss doing regular exercise is as equally important as the diet! Living a life without a lot of stress, having your meals at fixed hours and taking your time at meal times can all help the process. Stress causes anxiety which can lead to increased food intake and in turn can have a knock-on effect with your weight. Never forget how important it is to keep active; doing some sort of physical exercise every day helps us to burn calories and to relax! Guests who choose this termal weight loss program at Balneario de Archena as opposed to a regular weight loss program are likely to get better results due to the heightened sense of relaxation achieved with the thermal waters and of course the general ambiance we enjoy here at Balneario de Archena!

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