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Wellness Hotel Blancafort Spa Thermal in SpainMany times we are asked where we would suggest staying in Spain to get an authentic experience. Behind the coast, Catalonia, the province of Barcelona in northern Spain, is rich in treats like medieval hilltop villages such as Pals and Peratallada, the ceramic-producing town of La Bisbal and Dali’s famous Teatro-Museo at Figueras (the most visited museum in Spain after Madrid’s Prado). But you will also find some historic villages which are known for their old thermal water sources, like Sant Hilari Sacalm of the famous Font Vella water or Caldes de Malavella (Vichy Catalan water). The thermal water spas that were established in these villages many, many years ago are also called balnearios. Well, if you are looking for an authentic spa experience then, a stay at one of these old balnearios can be highly recommended.

Balneario Blancafort wellness hotel in Spain with thermal bathsMany of the balnearios are very old and some of them still look very old, as they have never really up-graded the places to modern standards. But there are some beautiful balnearios who did up-grade and refurbish the places and where you can still enjoy the history of the place while being surrounded by modern facilities. Balneario Hotel Blancafort Spa Thermal is such an example. A beautiful modern wellness hotel in the historic village of La Garriga.  La Garriga is located in the inland of Catalonia and to reach it it takes around 40 minutes from the centre of Barcelona by train or by car.

Blancafort Wellness Hotel Spain with thermal water SpaThe history of wellness Hotel Blancafort Spa Thermal dates back to 1840, when Joan Blancafort Llavina founded the establishment of the Baths also known by the villagers as “L’Establiment”. The establishment had 4 hot tubs that are filled with water from the source of thermal water and there were some cabins for hydro therapy treatments. Twice a week there was a coach service called “El Brusi” who took customers who came from Barcelona to use the baths. During the years after its opening it developed into a big Balneario where people were treated for health issues or where people just came to relax.

Balneario Blancafort thermals water wellness hotel SpainIt was a place that was a meeting point for artists, writers, politicians and important personalities from Barcelona, in particular, its high society. For that reason, you still find a lot of modernism villa´s in La Garriga which are beautiful villas built by the rich and famous from Barcelona as holiday homes. The thermal water was even distributed to Barcelona and to the neighbouring towns so the important guests of the balneario could even take thermals baths in their own homes.

Blancafort Thermal water wellness hotel in SpainA long history and many up-grades and refurbishments made the hotel as it is now; a modern wellness hotel in Spain with high quality spa installations, 4* accommodation, a good restaurant and high level of service. A variety of wellness holidays and breaks are offered ranging from a short Spa break, to a weight loss treatment program or a thermal health holiday. For more information, please follow this link.

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