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The aim of this Blog is not to promote certain packages and hotels too much. Our main aim is to provide you with independent advise and interesting information about wellness and health. But sometimes there are places you visit, which are so special and different from all the others that we feel we have to share it with you, like SHA Wellness Clinic, a one of a kind Wellness hotel in Spain!

SHA Wellness Clinic located in the Alicante region is such a place. SHA is much more than a Wellness or Spa Hotel, it is a world-class pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to the improvement and notable prolongation of people’s well-being through the combination of antique Oriental disciplines and revolutionary Western techniques. This combination re-establishes a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit.

Spending a few days or a week here is an unique experience! We have been working with SHA from nearly the beginning, which is almost 6 years now. We have visited SHA many times, but every time feels like the first. It keeps surprising, innovating, improving their offer and extending their services.

During our last visit we were here for 3 days and as always we were impressed! It already starts at arrival, you climb the hill and on the top you find SHA with the mountains on one side and the Mediterranean sea on the other side. The hotel is designed in a contemporary style with a modern, white, fresh and bright interior and exterior providing maximum comfort to its guests. The fantastic indoor and outdoor pools, Suites, restaurant, medical spa, fitness room and all common areas have an elegant and luxurious ambiance making you feel pampered and comfortable.

What we love are the very comfortable beds and the great views from the room! Like this weaking up in the morning is a pleasure…

The SHA method

But what makes SHA Wellness Clinic really special is that it offers a unique integral wellness experience to its guests. The SHA Method combines the effective elements of modern macrobiotic nutrition and the curative potential of natural therapies with a dynamic and practical educative program, all completely personalised to satisfy your needs in relation to your health objectives and supervised by internationally renowned experts.

The SHA diet

The macrobiotic food is besides very healthy also very delicious and because it is so nutritious you will not feel hungry at all. Besides breakfast, SHA serves 2 times a day a 3-course meal and that is more than enough to cover your needs. Surprising combinations and beautiful decorated plates indulged all our senses! But macrobiotic food is more than only beautiful and tasteful, macrobiotics has helped thousands of people to discover a simple and natural way to establish and re-establish good health. The food has a curative power!

Our SHA meals (for the recipes click here):

Macrobiotic breakfast at SHA Wellness Clinic
Macrobiotic breakfast at SHA Wellness Clinic; scrambled Tofu, porridge, sourdough bread, Humus and a green smoothie
Macrobiotic dinner at SHA Wellness Clinic
Dinner at SHA Wellness Clinic. Delicious!!

SHA life learning center

The SHA Wellness Clinic aims to teach the creation and maintenance of healthy habits that improve your life quality, providing you with a sense of physical and mental well-being, and helping you to prevent and cure many of the illnesses of our time. Conferences, talks, activities, introductory classes to macrobiotic cookery, yoga, tai-chi, chi-kung, relaxation, breathing exercises, laughter therapy; all these have the aim of providing you with the tools to continue living healthily after your stay at SHA.

We followed a very relaxing and great Yoga class with Yoga teacher Nieves:

Yoga at SHA Wellness Clinic


SHA Clinic

The SHA clinic, that employs more than 250 professionals of 35 different nationalities, offers its guests an integrative approach by joining the most effective and tested natural therapies with the latest advances in medical science. SHA Wellness Clinic has several different units and treatments that have been chosen due to their effectiveness proven through the on-going research carried out by the medical team at SHA. They include the Alzheimer’s Prevention and Cognitive Function Stimulation unit, the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine unit, the Capillary Care and Hair Loss Prevention unit, the Spine and Neck unit, the Foot Biomechanics unit, the Hydrotherapy, Endoscopy, Liposculpting, Chromotherapy and Bioptron Light Therapy, Cryotherapy at -200º unit,  the Aesthetic Threading Facial unit, the aseptic clean room or O.R. for minor surgery, the Ophthalmology unit and a Dermatology unit.

SHA is specialised in many areas, which means you can go here for many reasons. Just a few of the programs they offer are: Executive Health Program, Detox Program, Anti-stress Program, Anti-tobacco Program, Slimming program, Sleep Well Program, Specific programs for patients suffering Fybromialgy, chronic fatigue, syndrome and chronic muscular pain, several Aesthetics programs, which can be combined with any other program, etc.

SHA is in constant motion. It keeps up to date with the latest technologies and keeps improving its offer. Every year we visit there is something new to see and to explore. This winter of 2017 SHA will again extend. December 2016 marks the beginning of a pioneer project, SHA Private Residences, built on a plot adjacent to SHA. The property owners will enjoy their bit of SHA Paradise, experiencing an ultimate hospitality with private chefs and exclusive SHA treatments in the comfort of their home. The property will contain 3 Residence categories: Garden Villa, Presidential and Royal suites.

All in all SHA is and stays a place of a unique kind and absolutely a new formula in the Spa & Wellness travel industry. For whatever reason you decide to go to SHA, if it is for a detox, slimming, anti-tobacco, or simply to unwind and relax, if you go here you will be sure that you achieve your goals!

SIS Spa in Spain visits SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain


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