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Oceano Hotel Health Spa

In the 7 years that we run our business, we have visited a lot of wellness Hotels, retreats and spa´s in Spain. Many of them do not make it to our website, because we think they are just not good enough, and sometimes you come across these places, that just have it all!

Around 1 of each 4 hotels we visit we start collaborating with. It is vital for the success of our business to be so critical. It makes us a reliable agency who puts quality always before quantity! Clients trust us, tell us their stories, their wish list and rely on our expertise and experiences. We cannot afford to mistaken there.

Before we decide if we will start a collaboration with a hotel we visit the place, talk to the team and if possible even stay there to experience the place ourselves. And only when we are convinced that a certain level of quality can be offered, we will start the collaboration. The Océano Hotel & Health Spa is one of these partners. We work with them already for over 5 years, and it was a great success from the beginning. Many, many clients we have send there, and many returning clients as well….

At Océano it is where the Austrian F.X. Mayr cure meets the Spanish Atlantic ocean, where Ayurveda meets Thalasso and where Yoga meets a mild climate year round.

Océano Hotel Health Spa is a 4* star hotel in hands of the German family Rolle for over 50 years. Not part of a big chain where it is about numbers, but a family run hotel instead, where it is about the clients´ wellbeing.

Océano Hotel Health SpaIn the past few years since we started our collaboration with the Océano Hotel, we have visited the hotel several times and it always is a pleasure to be there. There are always new things to discover, new refurbishments, new programs, new professionals on board. This is a hotel who constantly is improving their services to guarantee high quality.

From the moment, you enter the building until the last minute before you must leave again you feel being in hands of professionals. Most people come here for a wellness program, but it is also possible to just stay based on Bed & Breakfast or half board. But honestly, that would be such a missed opportunity. If you decide to go to Océano you MUST book one of the wellness programs!

F.X. Mayr cure TenerifeThe F.X. Mayr cure

The F.X. Mayr cure is an from origin Austrian Detox program, which is especially famous in the German spoken countries. The Mayr The modern Mayr medicine concept is a holistic approach to preventive treatment, the correction of eating habits and general improvements to health. According to your personal constitution, the doctors for the modern Mayr-Medicine draw up a dietary plan that has a protective and purifying effect on your digestive tract.

The key component of modern F.X. Mayr medicine, however, is the bowel treatment: Several times a week the intestinal tract is unblocked, stimulated and fortified by the therapists, which in turn has a positive effect on heart and circulation. The modern F.X. Mayr therapy is a tried and tested form of health care that supports your full potential and physical well-being on a sustained basis. In addition to the detoxifying effect on the body, it may effectively alleviate or completely cure the following ailments: high blood pressure, weight issues, diabetes, allergies, insomnia, food intolerances, etc.

Many people from all over the world find their way to Austria to experience this highly effective Detox program. However, Detox and a cold climate is not always the most pleasant combination and exactly that aspect makes the Océano Hotel a wonderful destination for a Mayr cure. The mild climate year-round of temperatures between 20 and 25ºC makes it a very enjoyable place to be. We have send many people to Tenerife who tried the Mayr cure in Austria before and they were all surprised by the excellent quality, even though it is not in Austria. And in addition to the quality of the program, the climate plus the affordable prices, makes people to decide to return a second, a third or even more times.

Thalasso therapy in TenerifeThalasso, thalasso, thalasso…

Thalasso therapy is also called sea water therapy. It found its origin in France where the French decided that a true Thalasso therapy cure should be carried out with water from the Atlantic ocean, not just sea water, as not every sea or ocean water has the same properties…. Thanks to its unique location directly at the Atlantic Ocean, the conditions at the Océano Hotel Health Spa are ideal for an effective thalasso Therapy holiday. Direct from the ocean fresh sea water is pumped into the medical spa where it is heated up. The water, with its intensive therapeutic effects, is then used in some amazing Thalasso treatments. Thalasso therapy uses the power of the sea with its enormous potential of trace elements, vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids, which are found in sea water, mud and algae. The water from the Atlantic has a salt level of about 3,54%, which makes its healing power very intense. In only little time energy will be replenished and your metabolism stimulated.

Our favourite treatment at the Océano Hotel is the body wrap with algae´s in the dry floating bed. A highly purifying treatment which is sooooo relaxing, you will sleep like a baby afterwards…

Ayurveda at Océano Hotel Health SpaAyurveda

Another wellness theme which is covered at the Océano Hotel is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a from origin Indian preventive medicine therapy. It includes treatments in which they use medicinal herbal oils, yoga, and often the programs also include a specific diet.

Every person has a certain Dosha, which is based on who you are, your character and your  physical appearance. There are 3 Doshas; Vatta, Kapha and Pita. Every Dosha requires a different treatment plan and diet. During an Ayurveda program, a doctor or Ayurvedic therapist will decide on your Dosha and the suitable treatment plan.

At Océano they offer the lighter version of an Ayurveda cure. An Ayurvedic diet is not offered, but they do offer the most relaxing Ayurveda treatments in combination with Yoga. It is an Ayurveda Wellness program, in which you can get to know the principles of Ayurveda and relax during the most wonderful Ayurveda programs, Ayurveda has on offer.

Yoga at Océano Hotel Health SpaYoga

Yoga is the oldest science of life, originated in India many thousands of years ago. Yoga helps you to minimize stress and brings your body back in a fit, flexible and healthy condition. The physical exercises in combination with breathing and relaxing you can learn at any age and body condition. The Yoga holidays at the Océano Hotel Health Spa are designed to help you integrate Yoga into your daily life and/or build-up a base for self-practice.

Some places just have it all, and the Océano Hotel Health Spa is such a place. Whatever you are looking for, you will most probably find it at Océano. Have a look at the video that we created. It is a short report of our last visit. It will show you how beautiful and varied this place is and if we have convinced you to go there as well, just contact us and we would be pleased to help you organising your wellness holiday and believe us, you will not regret it!

For more information about the Océano Hotel Helath Spa and the programs, please have a look at our website.


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