Port Salvi, Ayurvedic hideaway in Catalonia

Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel, Ayurvedic hideaway in the heart of the Costa Brava

A few years ago I discovered Ayurveda and I started to implement some of its principles into my life, so you can imagine how keen I was to get to know Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel, Ayurvedic hideaway in the heart of the Costa Brava. I would like to share my experience with you, because what better way to explain how wonderful this place is than having experienced it first-hand.

Located in San Feliu de Guixols, next to the beach and perched on top of a cliff the Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel is tucked away, you only see it once you are properly on the property. It is integrated into the premises of Hotel Eden Roc, with which it shares some facilities. From the moment you arrive you feel something special, I do not know if it is the sea breeze, its location right at the sea, the perfumes of Ayurvedic oils and ointments that float in the air or a combination of all of the above.

Gardens and Pool area Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

A delicious vegetarian dinner was waiting for me, colourful dishes, appetizing and more than enough for the evening, I have to say that I am a good eater and I was comfortably full with the starter, main and dessert (for those who could manage more you can have seconds and even thirds should you need it!) The meal was accompanied by an infusion of ginger (they gave me a flask full and explained that I could take it to my room and that every day they would give me a new one). The staff recommends drinking this infusion throughout your stay, both between hours and accompanying the meals. As I looked around I noticed that there were as many jugs as guests, each with their own flask of ginger, unequivocal proof that you are following an ayurvedic treatment, and without doubt a super refreshing and digestive infusion!

Ayurvedic restaurant at Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel

I arrived at night, so I was not fully aware of the beauty of the surroundings until the next morning. The previous night I has been shown around the whole place, somewhat of a labyrinth, and although the construction is not exactly new, everything is very clean and well maintained. The pool and the thousand hidden corners invite you to escape, read a while, meditate or just to be…  but let´s go back to the story.

Yoga class with the Indian Ayurvedic doctor at Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel in Sant Feliu de Guixols. Spain

My day began with a yoga class at 7:00 am, the teacher, who is also the Indian Ayurvedic doctor, was waiting for us in a small room with stunning sea views. There were 6 other guests attending and after an hour of traditional Hatha Yoga breakfast awaited us, and what a breakfast! Energetic, balanced and delicious. I asked for their oatmeal recipe which they were very happy to share with me and apparently I was not the first as  they gave me a printed copy! And that is not surprising because it was sooo good, since I returned home I´ve been making it for breakfast, even my kids are crazy about it!

After breakfast I had an appointment with the ayurvedic doctor, it was an extensive yet relaxed consultation, he asked me a lot of things, he looked at my pulse, my eyes, my tongue … he diagnosed the balance of my doshas and from there he planned the treatments to be carried out for my cure.

Consultation with the Indian Ayurvedic doctor at Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel

From there and over the next few days, I enjoyed the daily morning yoga session and had an endless number of authentic ayurvedic massages and treatments. The therapists were really very lovely and super friendly, you can tell they truly enjoy their job. The treatment cabins, the smells, the oils and the atmosphere in general transport you to mystical India… The delicious diet accompanies and complements the program creating a comprehensive wellness experience difficult to describe and much better to experience for yourself 😉

Port Salvi Ayurveda Hotel, Ayurvedic hideaway in Spain is a small gem that I can recommend everybody to visit whether you are familiar or not with ayurveda or the “science of the life”.

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written by your SISter in Wellness: Marta Coterillo

Sun set at Port Salvu Ayurveda Hotel, Costa Brava, Spain

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