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Thalasso Hotel Termas marinas El PalasietAs I drove into the small town of Benicassim and saw the Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet at the far end of the village I was struck by so many things: the tranquil and beautiful setting right by the sea, the surrounding woods, the beautiful gardens, I knew this was going to be the perfect place to rest, recharge my batteries and immerse myself in warm sea water along with all its benefits. You know what I think is so great about sea water? I love the smell, the salty taste, that it leaves my skin feeling soft and looking good and I find it sooooo relaxing…

For a long time Thalasso for me was something I had heard of, I was aware that it was very common in France, but to be honest I never really knew what it was exactly. Not until years later when I started working in the industry and got to know more about the concept of sea water therapy, which is what Thalasso is. An annual thalasso break should be on everyone´s to do list and now I know that Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet is the perfect place for just that!Thalasso Spa Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet Spain
The Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet began its activity as a Talasotherapy center in 1970.  It is a beautiful family run hotel on the coast of Beniscassim in the Castellon province, one hour north of Valencia. The sense that this is a family run hotel is clear from the moment you step through the door, from the big portrait paintings of the founders in the lobby, the antique furniture, the beautiful decoration but particularly from the homey and cosy atmosphere they have created.

Healthy diet at Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet SpainMy trip was to experience a taster of the healthy ¨Back in Shape¨ program, which is one of their key programs. It is a medical program guided by a doctor and a nutritionist. On my first evening I was spoiled with a healthy dinner, a lovely plate full with amazing shell fish! Gone are the myths that weightloss is all about miniscule portions and tasteless dishes, this plate was so full and soooo delicious….

The next morning, I had a consultation with Irene and Araceli, the nutritionist and doctor. Both lovely ladies who are visibly passionate about their jobs. The way Irene talks about healthy eating makes so much sense and makes it so clear. The diet at Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet is based on a Mediterranean diet, with fresh products, nothing fancy or complicated, ingredients that any of us can find in our local super market. The secret is to learn about combinations and portions. Irene teaches you all about it and even gives you recipes to take away at the end of your stay, this way there is no excuse not to continue at home. It was a real eye-opener, healthy eating does not need to be complicated or difficult at all.

Back in Shape at Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet SpainAnd then there was a knock on the door, Quique the personal trainer was waiting to take me from the consultation to the hotel gym, where he provides a personalised daily exercise program to ensure you achieve your goals. A very gentle approach, of which I thought ¨hmmmm, not sure if this will work¨, but the next morning I felt my body all over…. It DID work, simple exercises, which you can easily do at home, without the need of all sorts of machines, half an hour a day will do the job! In addition to the semi personal training sessions, the hotel offers a weekly activity schedule with activities like yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching, Aqua gym, etc.

Of course, there is also a more relaxing part to the program: the indoor sea water pool with hydro jets, sauna and steam rooms, thalasso treatments like hydro baths to stimulate the blood circulation, mud wraps to detoxify the skin, LPG sessions to boost fat release, but also some lovely massages for pure relaxation. It makes the program very complete.

Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet offered by Spa In SpainAll the staff at Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet across the different parts of the hotel were just amazing. They are all super friendly and helpful and although not everybody speaks English, where there´s a will there´s a way, as they say, with a smile and good intention it´s amazing what you can achieve J

I forgot to mention the 5 km ¨Via Verde¨ or green route, which starts right in front of the hotel. It used to be the old railway line, but has now been transformed into a stunning coastal hiking and cycling path, perfect for that extra daily portion of exercise.

I loved my stay at Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet. It is not one of these typical international wellness hotels, for me it is was much more than that.  It really offers a Spanish wellness experience where people understand their jobs, where it is all about the individual client and it is located in a less well known area of Spain, which is simply beautiful.

If you are interested in booking a program at the Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet, please have a look here.

And this the video that we made about the hotel:

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