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Oceano_Vitality_Hotel_Tenerife_1Some of the hotels/ resorts in our offer are so special that it is worthwhile to highlight them and tell you why they are so special. This time it is the Océano Hotel Health Spa in Tenerife, which we would like to introduce to you.

The last time we visited Océano Hotel Health Spa was last December. The weather was just perfect, 18-20ºC with lots of sun, the perfect temperature to sit in the sun with a book or even do some sunbathing by the pool and just relax.  And that while Northern Europe was covered with snow! This is definitely a huge plus of the Océano Hotel. It is located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean where temperatures do not drop below the 15ºC the majority of the year and where the sun is out most of the days! It does not have tremendous extremes, in winter it does not really get cold, the waters are warm enough to swim in year-round and summer heat is softened by the trade winds.

Océano Hotel Health Spa is run by the Rolle-Corominas family for decades already, making it a hotel with a very personal approach. The staff will do their utmost to make you feel at ease during your holidays and making your stay a memorable one. All 80 rooms have breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is very relaxing to fall asleep with the sound of the waves in the background… Oceano Vitality Hotel, is its name already implies,  is the ideal place for gaining new strength, drawing inspiration from a picturesque landscape and doing your health a good turn by bringing body and soul into harmony.

Oceano Hotel Health SpaOcéano is an oasis of well-being, where they offer a large variety of tried and tested programs of therapies to support your recuperation according to your own needs. You can opt for a Detox Cure (following the Mayr medicine), a Thalasso therapy program or a Weight loss program (following the principles of Thalasso Therapy).

We went there for a short ¨Get to know Océano¨ program, doing a bit of everything and we really enjoyed it. Our 4 days were far too short a time and we would recommend everyone to go there for at least a week!

We were welcomed with a dinner in the restaurant, a lovely 3-course dinner, healthy and prepared with fresh Mediterranean ingredients, very tasty. The following days we had a selection of some Detox, Ayurveda and Thalasso treatments.

Abhyanga Massage OceanoMy favourite treatment was the Abhyanga massage carried out by Elias the Ayurveda specialist. Absolutely FABULOUS! This therapist is amazing; he has had his ayurveda education in India and returns there every year to get up-dated and trained by his Ayurveda master. He is a true professional! Océano might not be an Ayurveda hotel, but their Ayurveda treatments can definitely compete with the ones you find at hotels that are specialised in Ayurveda!

My colleague’s favourite treatment was the Thalasso Algae wrap. The therapist puts hot algae paste all over your body and wraps you in plastic, where after you lay down in a dry floating Thalasso bed hardly being able to move for 30 minutes. Super relaxing feeling like a baby in the whomb with some nice music and soft lights, meanwhile the algae was cleaning our skins like never before; HEAVENLY!

At the moments we were not having treatments we enjoyed the brand new Spa, which is small but of very high quality. Also we enjoyed the heated outdoor pool, the outdoor Jacuzzi and the beautiful hotel gardens.

Yoga at Océano Hotel Health Spa

For some physical activity we can recommend the early morning yoga class in the yoga room with amazing panoramic Ocean views or the aqua gym in the heated outdoor pool. Another ´must do´ is a dive into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the public seawater swimming pool, protected by a wall from the largest of waves and then soak up the sun by relaxing on the roof terrace or Nude Deck under the endless sunny skies of Tenerife. And if you do not want to spend each day at the hotel there is a large variety of activities and excursions to choose from, climb the ¨Teide¨ or visit a local market. After your day of treatments and/or physical activity, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean with a drink on the terrace or unwind with a gentle stroll along the coast.

The variety of therapies and programs is enormous and they do a good job in all fields. However, the specialised Mayr Cure is what the hotel is most famous for. Dr. Rolle is a true professional and praised by all our guests. The Oceano Hotel is the only hotel in Spain that offers this very effective detox program.

The Océano Hotel Health Spa is very popular among our guests; we have many returning clients who go back there every year for their yearly cleansing cure or just to relax and regain energy. The same for us, we do not just go there to discuss the collaboration and negotiate the best prices for our clients, but also because we love it so much  🙂

Océano Hotel Health Spa is definitely one of our personal favourites, because of its programs and location, but also because of its good value for money!!

For an overview of the programs we offer at Océano Hotel Health Spa in Tenerife, click here.

You want to learn about Oceano Hotel Health Spa, view the videaos that we made about the hotel:


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