Balneario de Archena, travel back in time

As you already know, here at SIS we loooooove to visit all the venues that we offer you! Not only because we love to travel and have a passion for all things Wellness but also because we believe it is super important to be able to tell you first-hand what you will find in each location and to share that same experience. All of the locations we have selected offer that special something we feel adds to your wellness experience and stays with you long after you have returned home. Balneario de Archena has this in spades.

Balneario de Archena, located in Valle de Ricote in Murcia, South East Spain oozes history from every corner and invites you to take a trip back in time, a time of the classic Balnearios, reserved for those privileged few.

Balneario de Archena has a long history dating back to the 2nd century and the days of the Romans, for whom their love of baths and curative waters is well documented.  It was at this time that they built the first Thermal galleries attracted by the medicinal properties of the waters. Much later, in the middle of the 20th Century the Balneario was bought by a gentleman desperate to cure his sickly beloved, (how I love these romantic stories!), and it was he who created the space that we know and love today, 200.000m2 dedicated to health and wellness. If you would like to know more about Balneario de Archena´s history then please follow this link.                                                                                   As soon as you walk through its doors you get a sense of the energy the Balneario has to offer, from its walls to its waters which have been held underground for more than 15,000 years. When you are there you can ask for a guided tour of the facilities, this way you can receive all the details. Language is no problem as there are so many different nationalities in the team of staff here.

Where to stay in Balneario de Archena

There are three hotels to choose from to match different budgets, we like to offer you the best so we usually work with the Hotel Termas **** a building full of charm and history, Moorish touches and materials such as wood and marble.  A stay in these rooms is an experience in itself, slip on the white bathrobes and look out of the balconies and feel yourself drift back in time.

What not to miss

Bathing in its swimming pools and touring the Termalium Space (its Wellness & Spa center) is definitely an experience not to miss! Relax in and absorb the mineral-medicinal properties of its waters with average temperatures of 31º-32º C. In addition there is 11,000 m3 of thermal water with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas, massage cabins, warm stone beds, outdoor massage area, igloo, walking aisles and thermal contrast circuits.

Stepping into the Thermal Gallery is as if you too were becoming part of its history, the architecture is magnificent, the characteristic smell of hot springs, the steam, the humidity and the labyrinthine construction all contribute in creating this almost dreamlike atmosphere. This is the ideal place to enjoy an Archena Massage, the emblematic treatment of Balneario de Archena which you absolutely cannot miss! The Archena massage is a deep tissue massage using muds and at the same time you are under a constant shower of mineromedicinal water.

It is also a pleasure to talk to the masseurs and see the passion and love they have for their job, as Pablo told us: “I have been here for more than 20 years – you can only imagine the bodies that have passed through these hands …” I have no doubt! Our dear Femke can affirm the experience of those hands as she enjoyed them “in the flesh”!

The Balneario de Archena offers a wide range of programs and treatments, relaxing, slimming, beauty and anti stress amongst others.

If you too want to enjoy this experience click here to find the program that suits you the most and enjoy the advantages of booking through SIS, Spa in Spain. We then invite you to tell us all about your own experience!

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