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Weight loss and Detox at Los Monteros Hotel in SpainYou might think that we´re always raving on about the wide range of Spas, Wellness Hotels and hidden gems that Spain has to offer, guilty as charged, we might be somewhat biased but hey, it´s true there are just so many that need their own shout out! The offer of good slimming and detox programs is extensive but today we want to tell you about a true classic in the Spanish world of Wellness. If you´ve ever been to Marbella to soak up a bit of atmosphere and luxury then you will no doubt have already heard about Los Monteros Hotel & Spa ***** GL. It is one of Marbella´s emblematic hotels and considered as a bench mark for luxury and wellness, not only on the Costa del Sol but throughout Spain. They offer fantastic Detox and Weight loss programs with the added bonus for those wishing to give up smoking that you can add an additional anti-smoking package to finally kick the habit through their effective hypnosis sessions.

I was lucky enough to return to Los Monteros Hotel & Spa ***** GL recently and I am convinced that their longstanding success lies in three simple but fundamental aspects:

Weight loss and Detox at Los Monteros Hotel in SpainFirst of all the comfortable facilities, modern and cozy, some of the rooms are arranged more like a duplex or small house and have everything you need to make you feel at home. The spa, swimming pools and common areas are equally well presented, with the most up to date equipment and all offering the same level of comfort and luxury.

The proximity to the beach and the privileged climate, with almost year-round sunshine! As if all of the above were not enough you also have “La Cabane” Beach club offering sun, beach, music and the ultimate chill out facing the sea, what more could you want!?

And last but certainly not least the wonderful team of friendly and efficient professionals; the in house doctor coordinates and plans the coherence of the treatments and ensures they are all carried out safely with the team of experienced therapists. But our favourite without doubt, I know it´s not good to have favourites but in this case it´s unavoidable, the resident nutritionist María José Navarro, creator of the most delicious detox and weight loss diets, a woman with a great passion and dedication for her work and who will go the extra mile to ensure that each guest achieves their goal. She will give tips and tricks to take home with you, helping guests achieve their goal of losing weight in a sustainable way, basically she is an expert in re-educating people in their eating habits. In SIS we love María José´s recipes and advice, in fact, we have already published many of her exquisite recipes and advice:

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I can finish off by saying that after my stay at Los Monteros I was left energised and enthused, it was such a lovely visit with plenty of rest and in particular such great service delivered by health professionals, I can 100% recommend it!

Luxury, comfort, rest and a super positive experience would define Los Monteros Hotel & Spa **** GL.

We want to help you find your perfect program and as an added bonus, because we really like to take special care of our clients, when you book through SIS you will receive a FREE welcome massage and an upgrade to Junior Suite!

You can find out about their relaxing, slimming, anti-tobacco and detox programs here >>

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