Why we looooove MasQI the energy house!

MasQI, the energy house for Yoga, detox, wellness and coaching holidays in Spain

It is well known in the wellness industry that Spain has an extensive selection of Spas and Balnearios to offer, as well as numerous options for those wishing to escape, disconnect and enjoy a healthy holiday, (and why not, we are worth it!!) If you are not yet familiar with the choice at your finger tips then what are you waiting for, check out our website! And then, in almost their own separate category are those magical places, the ones that offer you far more than you expected, places you just don´t want to leave, havens for the soul that allow us to reconnect and find ourselves rather than hiding and forgetting, places at which everything leads towards reflection and re-composure. And the epitome of such a magical place is MasQi, The Energy House, to whom we dedicate this post today.

Masqi is the materialized dream of its owner, Sonia Ferré; a nineteenth century house in the Sierra de Mariola between Alicante and Valencia which has been completely renovated. It is a boutique hotel surrounded by nature where yoga, holistic treatments and macrobiotic food reign with the simple aim of restoring, pampering and nurturing its fortunate guests.

MasQI, the energy house Yoga dome, for Yoga, detox, wellness and coaching holidays in SpainWe were lucky enough to visit the team at Masqi recently and the truth is that the venue, program and team totally exceeded all our expectations, when can we come back?! The location itself is a show stopper as you really don´t expect to find such a magnificent home in the middle of the countryside and then you have the stunning yoga dome that emerges organically through a clearing in the trees.


In this beautiful venue they offer Detox programs, Yoga, yoga and wellness getaways and macrobiotic cooking courses, amongst others.

A place of meetings and silence unified

MasQI the energy house, RoomThe house has been designed and decorated with great taste and amazing attention to detail. Each room is totally unique, the common areas make you feel at home and invite guests to get to know each other if they wish, respecting everyone´s personal space, their silence and the introspective atmosphere that accompanies the process for each and every guest. To support this process, guests are invited to leave to one side their regular creams, soaps and usual cosmetics and replace them with natural, ecological and non-polluting products both for their own body and for the environment, products that you will find in your room on arrival, and I can vouch for how well they leave your hair and skin!

Delicious macrobioticMasQI, the energy house, macrobiotic food and diet

The food is based on the principles of macrobiotics, using local and organic products, with some fish and seafood and seaweed to alkalize the body. If you are not familiar with this type of food this is the perfect place to discover it, it´s finger licking good and after just a few short days you will feel it´s almost magical effects on your body. Above all, expect to feel energised, lucid and light.

The Soul of the House

And then there is Sonia, the creator of the programs, architect of the beautiful transformation the house has undergone, yoga teacher, coach, healer through energies and various holistic techniques, in short, the soul of MasQi. Sonia has surrounded herself with a lovely team who ensure that everything runs smoothly, I imagine that special people attract similar people.

A day at MasQi

Days spent at MasQi are calm, starting early with some Yoga practice (Ashtanga, Hatha, Iy engar …) and continue according to the program you have. For those not following a detox program breakfast starts with a warm miso soup that prepares the body for cereals, homemade bread, tea, homemade jams and endless delights. Having experienced first-hand the benefits of a miso soup on an empty stomach, wherever possible I am trying to keep up with this routine, it totally sets me up for the day.

MasQI, the energy house, yoga dome. Visit of Spa in Spain
Marta, Sonia and Femke after their morning Yoga class in the beautiful Yoga Dome!

The rest of the day is spent between massages, treatments, walks in the countryside, if the sun is out then a dip in the pool, plenty of rest and time for reflection and / or reading. On certain days, Sonia will end the day with a sound relaxation session with quartz bowls or a meditation, try not to miss these if you are there!

MasQi is without doubt a special place, definitely worth visiting, if you have been left wanting more information about MasQi, The Energy House and the programs it offers click here and we´ll tell you everything: https://www.spa-in-spain.com/hotels-and-spas/hotel/new-masqi/#packages

MasQI, the energy house Yoga dome, for Yoga, detox, wellness and coaching holidays in Spain

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