Yoga and Thalasso, the perfect combination!

We are already familiar with the beneficial properties that sea water has on our body and our general health through Thalasso therapy programs and we have also discussed the numerous benefits of practising Yoga regularly…. So, what happens when you combine a Thalasso therapy program with daily yoga?!

Well the result is a truly comprehensive health and well-being experience! Add to this some traditional Ayuervdic massages, because we are generous like that, and we think we have found the ultimate wellness and relaxing break!!

Thalasso Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet has been using Thalasso therapy since 1970, so there is no question that they are specialists in their field. The basic principles of this therapy are: the extraction and use of the specific properties of the sea, seawater, algae and salt. And as if this were not enough by adding the daily yoga sessions you really have an integral experience, for more details about their 4 and 7 night programs click here:

We have spoken with Mila Pérez, El Palasiet´s resident yoga teacher and we have asked her to tell us a bit about the focus of the classes and this is what she had to say:

Tell us about the yoga classes you teach at El Palasiet?

The Yoga classes are private 1 to 1 classes and are developed according to each individual guest, we work together in accordance with their health, any illnesses or problems they might have whether it is on a physical, mental or emotional level, stress, anxiety ….With the observations of each guest I organise and plan the classes. I also give the guests advice and tools to take home, so they can continue with their personal practice once they have returned home.

So, in effect it is therapeutic yoga that you offer?

Yes, absolutely. The foundations are with Hatha Yoga and we have as our reference the 5 basic principles of yoga:

  1. Pranayama (breathing)Programa de Yoga y Talaso en El Palasiet, ofrecido por SIS Escapadas Spa
  2. Meditation and positive thinking
  3. Relaxation (Savasana)
  4. Exercise, through the Asanas or postures that help the guest in each case.
  5. Diet. This is organised by the Palasiet restaurant and guests can choose between a Mediterranean, macrobiotic or vegetarian diet.

How many yoga classes can guests expect?

Each day you will receive a private and personalized class of 1h30 which can be arranged in the morning or afternoon depending on the guest´s preferences.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to tell you more about these programs or about the benefits and extras that you will receive when you book through SIS, Spa in Spain.

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