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GEM Wellness & Spa is a place that we love. We love the comments we receive from our clients after following a program there, we love the team of professionals that never cease to impress guests with their kindness, dedication and professionalism, and now we love it even more thanks to the arrival of their new nutritionist, Vanessa Tenedor, (“tenedor” is fork in English… how cool is that!) We have had the pleasure of interviewing Vanessa recently and she has been able to tell us about their recipe for success, what they do and how they do it. And of course, we are here to update you.

Hi Vanessa, although I think we all know what it is, can you tell us in your own words, what is a weight loss program?

Weight loss program in GEM Wellness & Spa ooffered by SIS Spa in Spain


It is a program during which we intend to restore healthy eating habits on a daily basis and lose weight.



And what is a Detox program?
Juice Detox program in GEM Wellness & Spa offered by SIS Spa in Spain


A Detox program´s main objective is to purify and detoxify the body, for many during the process, some weight may be lost.



Detox Programs seem to be very fashionable these days, but we often see that there is little information about what is involved and what the objectives are which seems to be generating some confusion. Can you clarify who and when you can carry out either a Detox or Weightloss program and what the difference really is?

We recommend a Detox program to remineralize and detoxify the body and a weight loss program to lose the desired weight and to establish healthier eating habits. The difference is that a Detox program is short term to revitalize and detoxify and a weightloss program should be considered as a long term and sustainable plan to establish new eating habits, as well as a new relationship with food.

What benefits do these types of programs bring?

People who follow our programs leave feeling better about themselves, they have increased energy levels, are more relaxed about eating certain types of food, they have improved sleep, their skin looks better, as well as other symptoms.

Can anyone carry out a detox program at GEM Wellness & Spa?

Yes, almost anyone can follow a Detox program, except pregnant women, adolescents, people with diabetes, people with chronic kidney diseases or food related dysfunctions.

Can you describe a typical day at GEM Wellness & Spa for someone following a Detox or weightloss program?

It will always depend on which day and which program we are talking about. We have programs that range from 2 to 12 days and we always personalise and adapt the programs to the tastes and needs of each client. During their stay guests go through several phases, upon arrival they begin with the medical visit where they give samples for analysis, then they come to see me, the nutritionist, we plan their stay and from there the days begin with walks, then aquagym, gym, treatments, spa, sauna, control with the TANITA machine etc … basically there is no time to get bored! But there is always time to rest, of course!

What kind of comments do you receive from guests when they carry out one of these programs? Do they find it very hard?

Treatments in the weight loss programs at GEM Wellness & Spa offered by SIS Spa in Spain


Usually they always leave having lost a few kilos, so they are delighted and then of course motivated and encouraged to carry on with their new regime at home. They don´t find it hard at all, our whole team are involved in the process and clients don´t have time to think about it!


What specific treatments are used in your programs to stimulate the process?

Specific treatments in the Weight loss programs at GEM Wellness & Spa, offered by SIS Spa in Spain


In addition to the guidelines of our department of medicine and nutrition, we stimulate the process with traditional body treatments and cutting-edge treatments, all combined with physical exercise adapted to each guest.


When returning home, how can the client adapt their diet or avoid certain habits in order to continue losing weight or atleast sustain the weightloss achieved with you?

Before leaving our facilities, we provide all our clients with advice, guidelines and tools to follow at home, based on the habits and routines they followed during their program.

We hope this interview has shed some light on the Detox and weight loss programs. And if you are looking for a program of this type or you are curious to go to one of them, we will leave you with a selection of the best slimming and Detox programs that GEM Wellness & Spa can offer. If you can´t find the one that suits you, tell us, and if we can, we will create one especially for you:

GEM Wellness & Spa offer Detox and Weight loss program through SIS Spa in Spain

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