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We have been collaborating with the Océano Hotel Health Spa in Tenerife for many years now, and in particular with their Mayr Detox Cure which our clients love and repeat year after year. I think it would have been fair to say that whilst this cure and indeed all of the programs they offer are always of the highest quality, some parts of the hotel and facilities were beginning to look a bit dated. Well not anymore!!! Thanks to a major refurbishment which lasted 5 months over the summer of 2019, everything is looking immaculate!

Océano Hotel & Health Spa in the north of Tenerife offers slimming, Ayurveda and Yoga programs, but it can be said that their star program as it were, is the Mayr Cure, and this is the program that I was able to take advantage of during my recent visit.

In this post I’m not going to talk about the cure as such, as I think we have covered it in our previous blogs like The Mayr Cure Explained, The Mayr Cure At Oceano

Instead, I’m going to focus on its fresh face and the sensations you can experience whilst enjoying a stay at this little gem.

To start with… its location, a stone’s throw from the sea is just spectacular. A few steps down from the hotel gardens and remodeled pool you will find the natural seawater pool, it’s like swimming in the middle of the ocean, but without the bother of the waves.

Natural seawater pool in Oceano Hotel and health Spa, book with SIS

The design of the hotel´s new outdoor pool gives you the feeling that it ends at the sea. The line between the two is now blurred, thanks to its new orientation which now faces directly out between the hotel and the sea. Diving in now gives you a completely different experience. By turning the pool through 90 degrees this has also opened up a whole tiered garden area which was not previously possible. Now you have a space for loungers, Balinese beds, exotic native plants, it has made such a difference and it has created such a haven for relaxation and marvelling at the stunning view. Personally, I am totally fascinated by the dark characteristic colour of the soil and rocks in Tenerife!

The restaurant and common areas have also been thoroughly refurbished. If you have been to this hotel before you will be pleasantly surprised by the new distribution and decoration, predominantly aquamarine tones and natural fibres, in my opinion this is now much more in line with the environment of the hotel. The overall impression is modern, smart and elegant.

The new roof terrace is also a great success, the views over the ocean are impressive. Previously this was a bit of a wasted space as it was only used as a yoga deck. The yoga area has been maintained but they have now also created a fantastic chill out area and bar, the perfect spot to watch the sunset. This is not to be missed if you visit the hotel, though if it is windy it might be closed as it is quite exposed.

The last group of bedrooms that were not completed in the previous refurbishment in 2018 have now been finished, in keeping with the same high standards and concept of colours and natural fibres. The final major addition to the hotel facilities is the brand new COHM (Centre of Healthy Motion) located opposite the main hotel entrance which will be dedicated to sport. It hosts a new tennis court, an extensive gym with the latest machines and a program of healthy activities and active relaxation… I won´t tell you any more as we have to leave an element of surprise!

Are you curious to discover or rediscover everything that Océano now has to offer?

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