YOGA by Marta; the Ardha Matsyendrasana pose

We proudly present our very own in-house Yoga teacher MARTA!! Since Yoga is in her blood, we thought it would be a nice idea to let her tell you some more about the benefits of certain yoga postures, as we can all do with a little inspiration in these challenging times!

¨I have chosen the postures that seem to me to be the simplest and most accessible to almost everyone, and which also represent the essence of classic Hatha Yoga.¨

Today I have chosen the ARDHA MATSYENDRASANA pose as it´s one of my favourites, because whether you are a total beginner only able to get part way round, or whether you are super experienced and able to complete the posture, the benefits are the same for all.

Here are the 4 main benefits Ardha Matsyendrasana:

1. Makes the Spine Stronger than Ever

The deeper you perform the pose, the more flexible your spine will become. It is one of the best poses for all spinal health problems. The strengthening of the spine squeezes the inactive blood out of the spinal region towards the heart and lungs, and in doing so keeps the spine in optimal condition.

2. It Stretches the Entire Upper Body

This pose helps in stretching your entire upper body, including the hips. The stretch in the upper body can also work in improving your body posture and loosening stiffness, by opening up the chest you also boost the oxygen supply to the lungs. It also loosens up the hip joints by relieving stiffness.

3. Strengthens the Urinary, Digestive and Reproductive System

With regular practice, you can keep the kidneys happy and healthy. This posture improves digestion and also helps the abdominal organs, which helps in keeping constipation at bay.

4. Relieves Stress from the Joints

Try to avoid slumping and slouching during this pose as this posture also helps in relieving stress and tension in the back, shoulder, neck and joints if done properly. Stress and tension are the biggest enemies people have nowadays.
And whilst you might consider these tensions as minimal in their early stages, they are the ones that create further health problems down the line.

So, taking some time out and practicing Ardha Matsyendrasana on a daily basis can really benefit your health and lifestyle.

How far round can you get?
Where do you get stuck?
Let me know what problems you have with this pose and I will try and give you some tips!
With Love

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