Feeling like crap? Give your body a break from junk with a detox cure!

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Do you ever feel tired and sluggish even with a good night’s sleep, and rely heavily on caffeine to get through your day?  Maybe you’re chronically tired no matter what you do? I do… So I started looking on the internet, what can I do about this?

And there it was, after reading a bit into it, the “F.L.C. Syndrome” appeared – feel like crap syndrome, that is. This blatantly non-medical term refers not to feeling sick in the traditional sense, but rather experiencing stress, fatigue, and an in-ability to focus. 

The symptoms sound like an average week to many of us if you ask me – tiredness, bloating, sugar cravings, congestion, brain fog, headaches, insomnia, weight gain/trouble losing weight, skin breakouts, achy joints or muscles. Yikes.

The prescription to cure all ails? Food.

Dr. Sara Gottfried, the New York Times bestselling author and hormone reset guru states: 

“The wrong food will make you sick (FLC Syndrome) and the right food will transform your body in just a few days. Food is medicine, and what you put at the end of your fork is far more powerful than anything you will find in a prescription bottle.”

It is about recognizing that by giving the body a break from junk, cravings, chronic symptoms, and blood sugar imbalances can be easily overcome for most.

So giving your body a break from junk, or in other words giving it a detox, could be the solution to your problems. When your body is clean and strong, it is able to eliminate toxins that cause all these problems efficiently, but when your body becomes overloaded it can become sluggish, overweight (or underweight in some instances) and more susceptible to disease. By clearing away excess toxins on a regular basis, your entire body can become revitalised and rejuvenated.

And an intelligently designed detox helps you get rid of more than just unwanted pounds. A true detoxification process works on all levels. Stopping the daily grind, slowing down and emptying your mind can make the experience as much a ‘mental break’ as a physical cleanse – a chance to de-clutter thoughts and re-establish your place in the world. This is your chance to heal your body on every level.

But how do you do this? There are two options, you do it yourself or you get help and do it under the supervision of a specialised team during a detox holiday. We can help you with both! If you want to give it a try yourself, read our following blog post – detox diet plan at home >> . If you prefer to give yourself a break from daily life and take some time off to detox your mind and body during a detox holiday, we have put together a nice selection of effective detox programs for you: detox holidays >>

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