Happy Gut, Happy You: Five habits and top programs

gut health and mental health are connected by SIS Wellness Holidays

Did you know that gut health and mental health are closely connected? The gut and brain ‘talk’ to each other a lot, influencing how you feel physically and emotionally. When your gut bacteria get out of balance because of things like stress or bad eating habits, it can mess with your mood. Feeling anxious or sad can also upset your stomach, causing problems like IBS.

Your gut bugs are like little factories making chemicals that affect your mood, such as serotonin, which helps you feel good. Keeping your gut healthy with good food, probiotics, and stress relief methods can help you feel better mentally. By understanding this link between your gut and your feelings, you can take better care of yourself overall. So, eating well, managing stress, and looking after your gut can all help you feel happier and healthier.

But how do you do this, looking after your gut? How do you improve your digestive health? It all starts with taking care of your gut bacteria. Your body has many bacteria, and they need good food to thrive. So, eating a balanced diet is key. Also, doing exercise and managing stress helps.

These five habits can really make your gut bugs happy:

  • Eat prebiotic foods: Prebiotics are like plant food for good bacteria in your gut. They help these bacteria grow and keep your digestive system healthy. Prebiotics can be found in many fruits and vegetables, especially those containing high levels of complex carbohydrates. They are naturally found in foods including vegetables, greens, fruits, cereals, legumes and nuts.
  • Have probiotics: Probiotics are foods or supplements with tiny living organisms that help our bodies by supporting good bacteria. They’re often rich in fiber and help keep the right balance of these tiny organisms. Foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and kombucha are good for boosting these helpful bacteria. Yogurts, especially vegetarian and fermented ones, can also be great natural sources of probiotics.
  • Manage stress: Feeling stressed out is like putting stress on your gut bugs, and the other way around too. So, it’s very important to handle your stress and emotions for a healthy gut. A study in Canada found that your gut bacteria might have a big part in causing mental health issues like depression and anxiety.
  • Exercise: Studies show that exercise can make your gut bacteria more diverse, no matter what you eat. Athletes’ gut bugs might be linked to how much protein they eat. When you’re young, exercise can really change your gut bacteria. Eating lots of fatty foods can hurt your gut, but exercise helps.
  • Get enough sleep: Key research shows that the bacteria in your gut can mess with your sleep because they’re always talking to each other. If your gut bugs aren’t diverse and healthy, you might sleep less and not as well. And if your sleep is messed up, it can make your gut bugs even more out of whack.

If you’re serious about improving your gut health and want to get a head start, consider trying a digestive health program. We strongly suggest two programs that could be great for you:

gut health with he Mayr Detox Cure by SIS Wellness Holidays

DETOX Mayr Cure at the Océano Health Spa Hotel in Tenerife:

Experience a 10-day detox program at Oceano Health Spa Hotel, following Mayr Medicine principles under expert guidance. This holistic approach improves (gut) health through diet correction and personalized dietary plans. Enjoy relaxation alongside therapies, nutritious meals, and exercise. Mayr therapy focuses on bowel health, benefiting heart and circulation, and may address various health issues like high blood pressure, weight concerns, diabetes, allergies, and sleep problems.

Find out more here: https://www.spa-in-spain.com/hotels-and-spas/hotel/oceano-hotel-health-spa/10-nights-detox-mayr-cure/

Health programs at SHA Wellness Clinic:

A health program at SHA Wellness Clinic offers a thorough approach to improve gut health. Through personalized dietary plans, probiotic-rich foods, and digestive enzyme supplementation, it aims to optimize gut flora balance. Specialized treatments like hydrotherapy and abdominal massages promote digestive function and alleviate discomfort. Mind-body practices such as mindfulness and stress management techniques further support gut health by reducing inflammation and enhancing gut-brain communication. Additionally, educational sessions provide insights into the importance of gut health and sustainable lifestyle changes. With a focus on holistic wellness, SHA Wellness Clinic empowers individuals to achieve lasting improvements in gut health, fostering overall vitality and well-being.

Find out more here: https://www.spa-in-spain.com/hotels-and-spas/hotel/sha-wellness-clinic/7-night-sha-rebalance/

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