Optimizing Wellbeing: The SHA Method and Post-Experience Insights

Optimizing Wellbeing: The SHA Method and diagnostic lab by SIS Wellness Holidays

Starting my journey to better health at SHA Wellness Clinic was eye-opening! Through their comprehensive assessment process, I gained valuable insights into my health status and learned personalized strategies for improvement. SHA Wellness Clinic offers a transformative journey towards optimal health through the SHA Method, blending various approaches such as nutrition, natural therapies, and preventive […]

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MUD; It is healthy, relaxing and fun!

Mud massage in Balneario de Archena

Girls might think they are made of sugar and spice, but if they know better and want a great smooth skin, they’ll take a hint from the boys and play in the mud! SPA stands for ¨Sanus per Aqua¨, which means ¨health through water¨. But did you know that all of that good water also […]

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Happy Gut, Happy You: Five habits and top programs

gut health and mental health are connected by SIS Wellness Holidays

Did you know that gut health and mental health are closely connected? The gut and brain ‘talk’ to each other a lot, influencing how you feel physically and emotionally. When your gut bacteria get out of balance because of things like stress or bad eating habits, it can mess with your mood. Feeling anxious or […]

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10 steps to get active, healthy and FIT!

SIS Wellness Holidays, exercise on the beach, stay fit, stay healthy, exercise routine

In order to get active, healthy, and lose weight, you need to be moving in some way every single day. You know this. But easier said than done, right? You probably also have a full schedule with lots of obligations and with no idea how to fit exercise in. Maybe you’ve tried before to exercise […]

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Advanced Cellular Regeneration Therapy at SHA

cellular regeneration at SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic has exclusively acquired Advanced Cellular Regeneration Therapy for its clinics in Spain (Alicante) and Mexico (Riviera Maya). It is the only physical treatment that recharges cells and neutralises the degenerative effect of free radicals. With several sessions of this therapy, an electromagnetic field is created that reorganises the charge of the cells […]

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Emotional healing: A Journey to Inner Peace

Emotional healing: A Journey to Inner Peace by SIS Wellness Holidays

We all have our moments of feeling down, don’t we? Frustration of plans gone awry, the disappointment of missing a goal, or the sadness from bad news, these emotions are just a part of life. But sometimes, they stick around longer than you’d like. Whether it’s the sting of failure, the ache of loss, or […]

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Philippa, Head TCM at SHA explains the concept of integral health

Philippa Harvey, Head TCM therapist at SHA explains the concept of integral health management

Hi Philippa, When discussing integral health and energetic health, what exactly do we mean? Integral health management, often referred to as holistic healthcare, has evolved beyond the stereotypes associated with alternative or hippie practices. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of various facets of health care, including traditional medical treatments, therapy, nutrition, psychology, and energy work. This […]

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Enduring hardship can build character and resilience

Enduring hardship can build character and resilience by SIS Wellness Holidays

During a very difficult time for me personally, marked by significant losses, I was looking for some comfort and came across following quote by Yoko Ono: “Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance”. This quote appealed to me because it conveys the idea that during difficult times, such as winter, you may struggle or face […]

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10 babysteps to a happier and healthier life

10 babysteps to a healthier and happier life by SIS Spa in Spain

By now we all know more or less what a healthy lifestyle looks like. A healthy diet, regular exercise, enough sleep and not too much stress. If we know this, why is it still so hard to stay healthy and happy? Home-cooked dinners every single evening? Definitely don’t have time for that. An hour of exercise seven […]

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Dive into tranquillity: Our top 5 hotels utilizing the power of water

Dive into Tranquillity: Our Top 5 Hotels Harnessing the Power of Water Therapy by SIS Wellness Holidays, Spa in Spain

It’s chilly outdoors… Shut your eyes and envision yourself wallowing in warm water, with the sun on your face. The water makes you feel light and relaxed, while the sunlight revitalizes you. And the best part is, this doesn’t have to be just a fantasy! Many people seeking overall well-being turn to water for its […]

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