15 of the most inspiring thoughts on self-love

love yourself by SIS Wellness Holidays, self-love quotes

I’d like to share 15 of the most inspiring, thought provoking and uplifting thoughts from the past and present on getting to know yourself, raising your self-esteem and finding self-love. Inspiring quotes can help you find new ways to show yourself compassion and will help you see the sunnier side of life to give you the boost you need to […]

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Loving yourself isn´t vanity, it´s sanity!

Love Self

Do you ever lie in bed feeling depressed, thinking “I am full of flaws”, “I hate myself”, or even “I am worthless”? Self-love is never an easy job. When you do something below your expectations, you may sometimes fall into the anxiousness of not being good enough, judging yourself harshly instead of appreciating yourself for what […]

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5 Exercises to end the year in a great way

5 exercises to end the year well by SIS Spa in Spain

To ensure a fresh new start for the New Year, you should make sure you have no unfinished business from this year or as Seneca said: ¨ “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” To start 2020 the right way, let´s finish 2019 with a positive outlook. These 5 exercises will help you to do […]

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What Does It Take to Start a New Life?

What Does It Take to Start a New Life?

Do you ever wish that you could just hit the pause button on life and move on to the next chapter? Do you dream of starting over? Would you love to have a life that feels fresh and new? Every day is a new beginning, but sometimes we try to find occasions to start a new […]

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10 simple strategies for happier mornings

Tips to wake up happier by SIS Spa in Spain

Start your day on a positive note with these tips! Every day is a new beginning, so make the most of every new day! But how do you do this? Putting better habits in place for the morning will leave you more energised and in control throughout the day. With these tips you can start […]

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Your SISters favourite healthy dishes

Your SISters in Wellness favourite healthy recipes by SIS Spa in Spain

As Hippocrates said, ´Let food be thy medicine´, a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy nutrition, so your SISters in Wellness share their favourite healthy recipes!   CHRISTIAN´S FAVOURITE: Spiced Sweet Potato and Spinach stew A couple of years ago at home we decided we wanted to cut right back on how much meat we were eating. With […]

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10 babysteps to a happier and healthier life

10 babysteps to a healthier and happier life by SIS Spa in Spain

When thinking about what BLOG to write for our 10 year anniversary newsletter, I knew it had to be something special. Something really interesting for you, something you can really benefit from. All the information about health and wellbeing that we have been providing over the last decade in one Blog. Would that be possible?! […]

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Fruit-infused waters; a delicious alternative to plain water!

infused water by sis spa in spain wellness holidays

Fruit-infused waters are a wonderful and refreshing drink option for warm summer days, because sometimes it is nice to have an alternative to plain water (and if you like it more, you drink more of it!). There are plenty of sweetened, processed syrups to add to water, but the body doesn’t need refined sugar, and […]

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7 natural sunburn remedies & DIY aftersun salve recipe

natural sunburn remedies by SIS Spa in Spain

Ouuuuch!!! Oooo no! You knew you shouldn´t have stayed out in the sun quite that long, but you did and now your skin is angry looking and sore… Sunburn is perhaps one of summers most dangerous ailments — and the one with that happens the most!! Whilst we all know that prevention is the most […]

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summer wellness holiday SIS Spa in Spain

Although in some parts of Europe you can´t really call it summer (yet), many other places do experience a lovely hot and sunny summer.  But beware, because hot and lazy summer days can take their toll if you are not careful. Here are our 10 best tips for getting through summer healthy and beautiful! TIP […]

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