Detox Holidays

Many people are using Detox cures as an annual body cleanse or as a kick start to weight loss and towards a healthier lifestyle. Your holidays are the perfect time to dedicate to yourself and invest in your body and there is no need to travel all the way to India or Thailand thanks to Spain and Portugal´s exceptional offer in detox holidays and slimming programs, from a juice fasting retreat in Andalucia to the famous Austrian Detox Mayr Cure in Tenerife, a yoga Detox retreat in Mallorca to a fitness Detox holiday in Ibiza.  Whatever your preferences or objectives SIS, Spa in Spain will find your perfect Detox retreat in Spain or Portugal! Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Below you will see a selection of our clients’ favourite detox programs. If you would like to see our full list of Detox holidays click Here.

  • 7 night Detox at GEM

    GEM Wellness & Spa***, Catalonia


    Welcome to GEM Wellness & Spa***, whilst the hotel rooms are very simple, there is a small and renovated spa...

    10 Reviews

    Package from € 919,00

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  • 3 night Turbo Detox Break

    Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat****, Andalusia


    Shanti Som Wellbeing Retreat, located near Marbella is built to allow you time for personal reflection, self...

    63 Reviews

    Package from € 1.006,00

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  • 7 night Mindful Juice Detox Retreat

    Aleid Warmelink Yoga & Coaching, Mallorca


    A juice fast Detox retreat with Aleid Warmelink is a totally different Detox experience. For one, there will...

    38 Reviews

    Package from € 1.095,00

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  • 7 night Regenerating Detox!

    MasQi, Alicante


    If you are feeling sluggish, bloated, carrying some unwanted hard-to-shake-off kilos and generally looking for...

    7 Reviews

    Package from € 1.183,00

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  • Luxury Detox & Wellness Retreat

    Costa Blanca Wellness Retreat, Alicante


    Join the exceptional and professional retreat team including a female Doctor, nutritionist, NLP master, yoga &...

    8 Reviews

    Package from € 1.175,00

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  • 7 night Detox Mayr Cure

    Océano Hotel Health Spa****, Tenerife


    This is a 7 day responsible and effective Detox program at the Océano Hotel Health Spa based on the Mayr...

    55 Reviews

    Package from € 1.640,00

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  • 7 Night Luxury Detox

    Los Monteros Hotel & Spa*****, Andalusia


    This new Detox program at the 5* Los Monteros Hotel & Spa in Andalusia is a great option if you are looking...

    7 Reviews

    Package from € 1.625,00

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  • 4 night Longevity Juice Fasting

    Vilalara Longevity*****, Portugal


    One of the foundations of Longevity Concept at Vilalara Thalasso Resort in the Algarve lies on regular...

    5 Reviews

    Package from € 1.707,00

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  • 7 night Cleansing Detox

    Epic Sana Algarve Hotel*****, Portugal


    Cleansing your body is the first step to improving your health, increasing vitality, and restoring body and...

    13 Reviews

    Package from € 2.080,00

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  • 7 night Healthouse Detox

    Healthouse Las Dunas*****, Andalusia


    Located with direct access to the beach of Estepona and equipped for the most demanding client, the luxury...

    3 Reviews

    Package from € 4.180,00

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  • 7 night SHA Detox Holiday

    SHA Wellness Clinic*****, Alicante


    Stress, inactivity, poor diet and many other challenges of modern life often result in the accumulation of...

    16 Reviews

    Package from € 4.683,00

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  • Guest Review GEM; ¨A life changing experience!¨

    Guest Review GEM; ¨A life changing experience!¨

    Our guest Helma visited GEM Wellness & Spa and had an amazing life-changing experience: ¨Around the 16th of June I read an article in a magazine (Dutch Libelle) about a detox cure somebody had done in Turkey – I got excited right away and I thought “well, this is exactly...

  • Interview with GEM’s resident nutritionist

    Interview with GEM’s resident nutritionist

    GEM Wellness & Spa is a place that we love. We love the comments we receive from our clients after following a program there, we love the team of professionals that never cease to impress guests with their kindness, dedication and professionalism, and now we love it even...

  • Why we looooove MasQI the energy house!

    Why we looooove MasQI the energy house!

    It is well known in the wellness industry that Spain has an extensive selection of Spas and Balnearios to offer, as well as numerous options for those wishing to escape, disconnect and enjoy a healthy holiday, (and why not, we are worth it!!) If you are not yet familiar with...