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"Mindful Detox & Weight loss programs with a view!"

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Costa Brava Detox Centre

The Costa Brava Detox Centre is a real gem in the world of detox and fasting and their programs offer a unique experience of self awareness. The venue is a beautiful old renovated farmhouse, in the spectacular natural park of Mont Negre. The house has been decorated with charm and radiates a sense of light and harmony. Daily yoga and meditation are included in all the programs, and provided by the wonderful and vastly experienced Virginia.


The Costa Brava Detox Center offers peace, quiet, inspiration and well-being. It's located right at the edge of the MONT NEGRE Natural Park which boasts 12 hectares of beautiful landscape. The centre is only 5 minutes from the sea in pretty Pineda de Mar and just 40 minutes from Barcelona. Its privileged location in northern Spain enjoys a microclimate of unbeatable conditions, a mild winter and a pleasant summer. This wellness centre is aimed at people looking for a place where they can disconnect and enjoy a peaceful wellness break.

You really are located right in the heart of nature, a source of inspiration all year round for many as they take a walk through this natural environment thanks to its peaceful corners and beautiful natural environment. The sea views from the terraces are as equally tranquil, in fact it´s almost impossible not to be transported into a world of calm and balance wherever you are.

The retreat is divided between the main building, which dates back to the fifteenth century, and other smaller buildings which together create a cosy and intimate space. Rustic design has been combined with modern elements creating beautiful and comfortable areas. There are just 10 rooms, some with a private bathroom and some with a shared bathroom, a spacious dining room with different living and working spaces, as well as a small gym and sauna. In the garden there is a small pool.

The Costa Brava Detox Centre offers a series of programs with more or less caloric restriction, advanced detox treatments, optimal cell nutrition and personalized advice to improve your health, always adapted and personalised according to your particular circumstances. All programs are enriched with the practice of yoga and practical educational sessions on healthy habits.

Nutrition and benefits

The retreats at Costa Brava Detox Center offers 3 types of diets. If you book the Detox program, you will be served cleansing regenerative juices. If you book the fasting cure your diet will consist of water, infusions and broth (which is always gently phased) accompanied by specific combinations of detox drinks that ensure a deep purification of your entire organism.  If you book the Mindfullness week you can choose either the juice diet or a vegatarian healthy diet based on solid food. In this case the exact diet will be defined after consultation with the nutritionist.

During the detox process it is essential that you provide your cells with the correct balance of nutrients required for this process of maintenance and regeneration that they will go through. All products used are natural and organic: fresh organic juices, fresh wheat grass, green smoothies, depurative broths, digestive enzymes, high quality probiotics and depurative infusions.

A detox retreat is a totally different experience for everyone. Depending on the length of your stay, age, health and your personal circumstances you can experience numerous effects such as increased vitality, greater clarity, significant improvement in abdominal bloating, constipation or diarrhea, weight loss (between 2 and 6 kilos depending on the duration of the retreat), strengthening of the immune system, improvement in the absorption of nutrients, better quality of sleep, elimination of toxins from the lungs associated with tobacco, balance emotions and reduce mood swings, reduce and even eliminate the frequency and intensity of headaches, improve the mobility of joints in chronic problems such as arthritis, shiny hair and softer, pink and hydrated skin.

Detox Treatments

To support the detox process, advanced treatments are available which accentuate the effectiveness of the entire process such as Colon Hydrotherapy, physical therapies, vascular bmi, epigenetic study, and many other (spa) treatments. Treatments are extra and during your stay you can select and book the treatments you like.


At Costa Brava Detox retreat you can enjoy a number of activties each day. Every day starts with an activating walk through the beuatiful nature parc MONT NEGRE or a walk to the beach of Pineda del Mar. In addition there is a daily yoga and meditation class in the afternoon. If this is not enough for you, there is a small gym onsite which you are free to use whenever you want. And if you like horseback riding, that is also possible to book as an extra activity.

During your stay there will be different type of talks covering Detox in general and other topics about a healthy lifestyle.

Green Policy

Although Virginia has a small retreat she does a lot to be as sustainable possible. For example, she:

  • Uses water from a well
  • Serves organic food
  • Composts and recycles organic and inorganic waste

SIS Goodie Bag

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  • Retreat
  • 10 rooms
  • Single Friendly
  • Sauna
  • Barcelona or Girona
  • Free Wifi available
  • Countryside
  • small pool
  • Small gym
  • Adult only
  • From 17h00


The Costa Brava Detox Centre is located in Pineda de Mar, Barcelona. 1 hour by car from Barcelona Airport and 30 min. by car from Girona Airport

Read what our clients have to say...

Everything was well prepared. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful place. Virginia and her staff were wonderfully welcoming. The ability to receive counseling from Virginia throughout the process and opportunity to stay longer than anticipated to really take the time to detox and learn how to live a healthier life made my holiday complete. I didn`t miss anything Virginia gave me extra assistance with going to the pharmacy and doctor and took me out for sparkling water and great conversation and fellowship. My most beautiful memory from my holiday, Virginia's caring and supportive manner. She always explained each step of the detox program and was very helpful in making sure that I was able to lower my blood sugar levels to the point where I did not have to take insulin. Also, her staff were very caring and attentive including Issac who provided wonderful messages that really removed my back pain. Everyone at the Centre offered genuine care about our health and wellbeing. The juices and both are delicious and the environment provides a peaceful and relaxing place to rest and heal. Virginia's is an expert and educates about how it is possible to live healthy. I have already begun to recommend the Centre to all of my family and friends. My overall experience where absolutely OUTSTANDING.This is the place to come to heal and learn how to live a healthy life regarding negative health conditions like obesity and diabetes. The Centre will guide anyone on how to walk across the bridge to illness to health.
Natache, Sri Lanka - 30 August 2021
I feel renewed, relaxed, deflated and re-energized. Like new! My clothes are looser, I feel comfortable in my own skin and I am a lot more flexible... All in all, VERY VERY GOOD. I was surprised to find such a seemingly secluded place so close to "civilization." It is very close to the beach resort of Pineda de Mar and access from the highway is easy and yet when you get there you feel in the middle of nature. The old and fully renovated Manor house and the garden are super nice. It is all decorated with simplicity and good taste, functional but inspiring, breathing an air of peace and relaxation. You are surrounded by beauty. I was lucky enough to be in a room that was a complete apartment, even with my own private terrace. The experience of recovering your own health is incontestably the best way to rest, to reconnect with your inner well-being. Thank you also for the SIS goodie bag that was delivered to me at the Costa Brava Detox Center. I love it, and I plan to use it a lot! Sincere thanks!
Mariana, Spain - 27 July 2021
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We love this

  • How beautifully this historic property has been lovingly restored, renovated and decorated.
  • The sweet and kind nature of Virginia, the owner, she really puts her heart, soul and experience into every client´s stay.
  • The quality and coherence of the programs.

This not so much...

  • The fact that the retreats run on specific dates can be restrictive and whilst you can often follow alternative dates, you might find yourself on your own so best to stick to the scheduled dates.
  • Not all rooms have a private bathroom, in some cases you have a shared bathroom.

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