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14 nights Detox, Weight Loss & Reshape

Are you one of those people that when you look in the mirror, decide you need to lose weight and get in better shape… and later fail. And feel terrible about yourself. And look in the mirror, and try again. And then feel terrible if you fail again. Is this you? Do you want to escape that vicious cycle? The first step is to look inside yourself, not on the outside. Can you picture the fit, healthy and strong version of yourself? That's where it all starts!!

This weight loss program is a great kick-start to a healthier lifestyle where you will finally achieve getting rid of those extra kilo's once and for all. During this program you will enjoy an optimal combination of detox, fitness, slimming therapies, meals and natural supplements to reboot the sustainable healthy weight loss process to not only reach your ideal weight, but to maintain it for the rest of your life.
Fit & Healthy Focus

A 2 week high impact, intense detox and weight loss holiday at a luxury adults-only Wellness hotel in the Algarve to help you lose weight and re-start a new healthy life.

This program includes

  • 14 night Accommodation
  • 14 Full Board Wellness (up to 5 meals per day): including morning and afternoon snacks, and healthy and tasty lunch and dinner. Liquid Diet (detoxifying & anti-inflammatory shakes, juices and soups), subject to doctor or nutritionist’s approval 
  • 2x Detox Kit (enema, detox supplements, detox teas)   
  • Longevity infusions, alkaline water ph 9.5, and aromatherapy essential oil 
  • 1x Longevity Holistic Health Check, including: 
  • Lifestyle evaluation
  • Biophysical evaluation (weight, BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, abdominal perimeter, 
  • metabolic age)
  • Nutritional and wellbeing evaluation
  • Fitness profile evaluation
  • Heavy metals evaluation
  • Vertebral dysfunction evaluation
  • Thermographic evaluation
  • General cardiovascular evaluation
  • Blood pressure and heart rate
  • Basic blood analysis 
  • Integrative medicine evaluation 
  • 1 Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray (orthopantomography)  
  • 2 Ozone & Oxygen-Therapy Session (IV)  
  • 2 Ozone & Oxygen-therapy Body Session (Sauna) 
  • 7 Intense Detox Infusion (liver, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, lymphatic system)   
  • 2 Premium Hydrocolon Therapy with Coffee (intestinal+liver detox)  
  • 1 Premium Hydrocolon Therapy with Probiotics (intestinal detox + flora rebalance)  
  • 2 Cryotherapy Sessions 
  • 4 Iyashi Dome - Intense  Detox & Weight Loss Treatment  (Calories, Toxins & Heavy Metals)    
  • 2 Osteopathy Session  
  • 4 Manual Lymphatic Drainage  - Body 
  • 1 Manual Lymphatic Drainage  - Face 
  • 4 Medical Pressotherapy 
  • 2 Detox Clay Rituals
  • 1 Dental Higiene & Tartar (double jaw) Removal Consultation  
  • 2 Himalaya Salt and Spirulina Body Scrub
  • 2 Seaweed Detox Body Wrap Ritual  
  • 2 Detox Alkaline Bath  
  • 2 Himalayan Pink Salt Bath  
  • 2 Detox & Reenergize Massage 
  • 1 Longevity Skin Deep Detox & Repair  
  • 1 Longevity Nutrition Consultation  
  • 1 Longevity Detox, Repair & Anti Inflammation (neutraceutical supplements: 3 month supply) 
  • 1 Longevity Slim Kit (4 formulae neutraceutical supplements: 1 month supply) 
  • 1 Longevity Probiotics (neutraceutical supplements: 1 month supply)  
  • 1 MAAX Detox (supplement: 1 month supply) 
  • 2 Balance & Strength Personal Training Session  
  • 2 HIIT Personal Training Session  
  • 2 Body Shape Personal Training Session  
  • 1 Body & Mind Techniques for Stress Management  
  • 2 Anti Cellulite & Reshape Massage  
  • 3 Local Reshape Ritual  
  • 3 Local Cellulite & Countour Ritual  
  • 2 Body Countour & Reshape 
  • Access to the gym 
  • Access to the Detox & Relax wet area circuit (infrared sauna, hammam, ice fountain, Epson salt room, sensations showers, relaxing room, relax walking path, indoor heated detox pool, indoor sensation relax pool)  
  • Access to the Longevity Vitality activity plan daily group activities (click here for an example schedule of group activities)

Read here what the expert of  Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel tells about Preventive Medicine & Anti-Ageing

SIS Goodie Bag

FREE beautiful Hamam towel (value €35)!

Spa credit voucher valued on €120 per person!

FREE Early check-in and late check-out upon availability onsite

FREE Upgrade to Longevity Room, subject to availability at the time of check-in

SIS Offer

Book your Health program before the 31st of May for any stays until the 14 December and receive 10% discount (only valid for 4 and 5 nights programs) or 15% discount (valid for 7 and 10 nights programs) or even 20% discount (valid for 14 nights or more programs)!

Book your Health program for 7 nights or longer before the 31st of May 2024 for stays until 14th of December and get 1 Complimentary Massage (per person) for FREE!


  • Flight to and from Faro
  • Meals and beverages
  • Additional treatments
  • Personal insurance


01 April 2024
31 May 2024
Double room for single use*
€ 13.933,00 p.p.
Enquire now
01 April 2024 31 May 2024 Double room*
€ 13.326,00 p.p. Enquire now
01 June 2024
30 June 2024
Double room for single use*
€ 14.409,00 p.p.
Enquire now
01 June 2024 30 June 2024 Double room*
€ 13.564,00 p.p. Enquire now
01 July 2024
31 August 2024
Double room for single use*
€ 15.039,00 p.p.
Enquire now
01 July 2024 31 August 2024 Double room*
€ 13.879,00 p.p. Enquire now
01 September 2024
30 September 2024
Double room for single use*
€ 14.409,00 p.p.
Enquire now
01 September 2024 30 September 2024 Double room*
€ 13.564,00 p.p. Enquire now
01 October 2024
31 October 2024
Double room for single use*
€ 13.933,00 p.p.
Enquire now
01 October 2024 31 October 2024 Double room*
€ 13.326,00 p.p. Enquire now
01 November 2024
31 December 2024
Double room for single use*
€ 13.737,00 p.p.
Enquire now
01 November 2024 31 December 2024 Double room*
€ 13.228,00 p.p. Enquire now

* Prices are 'as from' and per person. Prices may vary, for an exact price quotation, let us know your desired travel dates and we will send you a proposal! Offers have not been applied to published prices.

  • This package can start on every day of the week.
  • If you want to extend your stay with extra nights, please contact us and we will send you a quotation.
  • This break can be extended with additional beauty and body treatments. We can send you the Spa menu.


The Hotel

This is the new place to be if you are looking for an innovative wellness destination where New and Traditional come together, the latest Western techniques combined with the ancient holistic therapies of the East all in the luxury surroundings of a contemporary 5 star hotel! The perfect place to kick-start a fresh, healthy lifestyle and a happier life! A great way to a better YOU!

Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel is a venue dedicated to every aspect of your ongoing health and quality of life. This adult only wellness hotel offers a wide selection of programms from light packages for leisure travellers and wellness beginners including relax, beauty, fitness, spa or detox to intensive longer specialised programmes around anti-stress and holistic rebalance, intense detox, weight loss and reshape and aesthetics.

Easily accessible from Faro Airport and nestled in the beautiful and picturesque Alvor village, Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel is built upon a secluded hillside with a panoramic view of the gorgeous bay of Alvor and surrounded by countryside. The region is known for its perfect Mediterranean climate, fresh air, beautiful beaches and the amazing seafood and wild fish produce of an authentic fishing village.

The hotel offers a unique architecture with a wave pattern symbolizing Longevity's focus on client’s harmony and balance. 

The Philosophy

The Longevity philosophy has evolved over many years helping clients of every age to find value in a health and wellness experience. Wellness is in their DNA. It can be felt crafted into each of the 8 pillars that will support a healthier, happier you.

  • MONITOR Premium differentiated diagnostics
  • DETOX & REGENERATION High impact premium solutions to cleanse and protect
  • NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTS Longevity based nutrition, with fresh and local ingredients
  • SOOTHE, RELAX & PAMPER The Spa touch with 100% natural products
  • FITNESS, SPORTS & PAIN MEDICINE Movement and exercise as essential for good health and vitality
  • MIND & ENERGY REBALANCE Western and Eastern wisdom to address stress, emotional and energetic imbalances
  • AESTHETICS, RESHAPING & BEAUTY For outer rejuvenation and self-esteem
  • REPAIR Small repairs can make a huge difference in quality of life

The Rooms

The accommodation combines simplicity and elegance, with a contemporary and natural eco vibe, giving primary attention of course, to comfort and quality. Each room has its own identity, although all have the same foundations of design, comfort and functionality. All accommodation types are located within the three floors of Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel. Each type comes with sophisticated features and all commodities of modern life such as complimentary Wi-fi, LCD TVs, airconditioning, hair-dryer, bathrobe, slippers, luxury amenities and a safe. 

Health & Wellness Clinic

The Health & Wellness Clinic is the core area of the hotel with the main health and wellness facilities and services. An area where you can address your health and reset your life. Focus your healthy holiday on being proactive by adopting a preventive approach. Here, we want to treat complex, chronic diseases before they occur. This means, providing all the facilities to make it happen and combining with nutrition, diet, detox, exercise strategies and regenerative therapies to not only heal – but mainly to prevent.

Medical Rooms. The medical spa area is divided in 16 diagnostic, consultation and treatment rooms. Differentiated diagnostics, innovative and intense detox and regeneration therapies and state of the art high impact facial and body rejuvenation and reshaping treatments are the highlights of this area.

For the most demanding guests this health and wellness hotel now offers advanced facial and body rejuvenation solutions, both non-invasive and invasive (Plastic Surgery).


The Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel offers an extensive spa.

Detox & Relax pools. Detox and relax in its warm and Epsom saline solution in complete serenity. It helps improve mobility by alleviating muscular aches and pains. 

Sauna with Aromatherapy. Experience two different types of sauna, both with aromatherapy, within the same location: a stylish Swedish sauna offers guests a fantastic detox, and the moderate temperatures and higher humidity of the infrared sauna are perfect for detox and for relieving sore muscles and joints.    

Hammam with chromotherapy and Aromatherapy. The double-level hammam for relaxation in extreme comfort in the perfectly controlled climate, with aroma automation. The high humidity and temperature help to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and ease sinus congestion.

Sensations Showers with Sound and aromatherapy. Combine contrasting water pressures and temperatures ideal for stimulating circulation, balancing and detoxing the body with sound and aroma infusions to improve relaxation. 

Epson Salt room with salt infusion: Inhale natural, healing minerals from the Himalayan salt mist, rich in minerals. Halotherapy improves respiratory system, healing skin conditions and balancing serotonin hormonal levels.

Relaxation room. Enhance your well-being in a room where the priority is your relaxation and balance. 

Reflexologie walking hidropath. Strategically positioned between the sauna area and the steam cabin, this path with smooth, reflexology pebbles, improves nerve functions, increases circulation, and energizes.

Longevity detox & hammam rooms. Therapists at Longevity can gently apply cleansing mud or algae wraps to different parts of the body. Before guests can relax and detox in a warm steam bath.

Floatation room: With salinity as high as the Dead Sea (34%) and a complete absence of sound and vibration, you can float womb-like in the warm water of the Floatation room. It improves stress management, anxiety and pain.

VIP Spa Suite with ghassoul room and hot tub.  A heated ghassoul cabin combines mineral-rich clay and herbal steam to smooth the skin, detoxify the body and revitalise energy levels. 

Detox, relax and Nourishig rooms. 3 dedicated rooms for detox, relax and nourishing treatments. 
Gymnasium. A gym fully equipped by Technogym® dedicated to fitness and functional training with the following highlights: various dumbells and kettlebells (from 4kg to 20kg); Technogym® Skill line: 1 Skillrow, 1 Skillrun, 1 Skillmill; 1 Skillbike; 1 omnia 3; 1 kinesis; 1 reformer; 6 Trx; 20 yoga mates.

Personal fitness room. A personal training studio dedicated to functional and fitness training.

Body & mind nature deck | zen deck (schedule base). An outdoor holistic area dedicated to body and mind activities.


  • 5* Wellness Clinic
  • 70 rooms
  • Single friendly
  • Luxury Spa
  • Faro
  • Free wifi available
  • Open year round
  • Near the coast
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Fitness centre
  • Check-in: 15.00, Check-out: 12.00


Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel in the Alvor village is easily accessible from Faro Airport at just 50 min. by car.

Read what our clients have to say...

I loved being at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel. My first impression was wow!! It felt warm, from the people to the surroundings, in a good way... Clinics can feel cold, so it was beyond my expectations. Yes, you make weight loss fun. If I could only bring the chef home :-) The people, the Spa and the many treatments. 10 out of 10!
Anna Z., Australia - 25 January 2024
Overall I found the stay very worthwhile. All the Spa staff are wonderful and very nice. I learnt a great deal and achieved my goals for coming here. Much in part thanks to all of them. My only caveats are that the spa was not fully functioning. The sauna never got sufficiently hot enough, the Thalasso Room didn't seem to be working well and the walk-through foot circuit was closed under maintenance. The steam room was fabulous and fully functioning though. The gym was good. On the very positive side though, and to end on a high note, I thought the Spa staff and the medical services and treatments they offer are all very good and I found the week incredibly worthwhile. The staff in the kitchen and the restaurant and the suite were very nice and accommodating too. To conclude, I would absolutely come back and recommend Longevity and your services to others, caveats aside. It was the exact reset I needed! Thank you for my lovely gift bag And gift voucher for the Spa. I had a great massage the first morning thanks to your gift. Thanks again for your efforts in getting me here!
Camilla, Spain - 20 February 2023
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We love this

  • They offer everything from light and short Spa breaks to intense and medium structured programs, catering long stays.
  • The genuine Portuguese hospitality.
  • The extensive set of programs to repair and prevent most prevalent chronic diseases.
  • The rooftop Pure Cafe with panoramic views of Alvor bay, just awesome!

This not so much...

  • The hotel is located in a residential area
  • The beach is at 2 km distance which is a bit of a walk, however the promenade and the small fishing village of Alvor have the typical quaint and picturesque Portuguese charm!

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