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As one of the leading spa and wellness holiday sites for Spain and Portugal on the web, we know all about the latest trends in spa and wellness and about the latest openings of new spa and wellness hotels and retreats. With over 200 relaxing, quality spa breaks on our books, plus a photo library of 1000+ high-res images accessible to journalists with our permission, there's plenty of material to support any story. Are you a journalist en do you need input for a nice spa related feature? Please feel free to use our below articles (but do not forget to mention the source!) or ask us about our properties and images.

We can also help to organize press trips for journalists who would like to come to Spain or Portugal for a Hotel/Spa review in return for media attention. We offer the option for journalist hosting at several spa hotels and wellness clinics in different parts of Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands) and Portugal. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to explain what we can do for you!

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Olives, wine and tomatoes in Spa(nish) treatment rooms

Along with most industries, the Spa & Wellness industry is also subject to trends. A few years ago we saw how Spas aligned themselves with a specific cosmetic brand to increase trust and credibility with their clients. Now we see a new trend, which is in line with the Bio and Eco trends, and that is ¨Back to Basic¨. Why would you use (chemical) products during treatments, which are sourced from far away? They are expensive, not always better (of) quality and often damaging to the environment. Therefore, we see more and more spas starting to use local and natural products. And that’s not a crazy thing at all!

Detox and Weight Loss Holidays an essential part of a healthy lifestyle!

Detox and Weight Loss Holidays are a trend. SIS - Spa In Spain notices an increasing demand in these type of holidays. They have become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. SIS - Spa In Spain is responding to this trend by adding the new category ¨Detox and Weight Loss¨ to their website.

There is no need to travel all the way to India or Thailand, also Spain has nowadays an exceptional offer in Detox and Weight Loss programs, from a juice fasting and raw food retreat following the Hippocrates method in Mallorca to the famous German Schroth Cure or a Thalasso therapy in Andalusia.

TREND: Detox is a hot topic, but what are the genuine benefits?

As the leader in Spa and Wellness Breaks in Spain we have closely watched the growing trend for health and wellness holidays. More and more of our clients are specifically asking us for a Detox break, some for the first time and others, who have already experienced the benefits, come back on an annual basis. Our clients Detox for many varying reasons, from taking time out of a busy schedule, to breaking bad eating habits, losing a bit of weight but more commonly to really focus on a body and mind reset.

Summer and autumn Wellness holiday suggestions to: ¡ESPAÑA!

Wellness is hot! And even hotter are wellness holidays. Nowadays you see a major shift from holidays associated with excess—too much eating, drinking and too little sleep—to those focused on health and wellbeing. People now choose destinations that help them keep healthy or kick start a new healthy lifestyle while on holiday. A growing segment are now taking trips with the specific, sole purpose of improving their personal wellbeing: A wellness holiday!

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