Weight loss holidays

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. More and more people decide to use their holidays as time to invest on themselves and their bodies. Spain and Portugal have an exceptional offer in slimming holidays and weight loss retreats, from a Fitness Bootcamp in Ibiza to the famous Austrian Detox Mayr Cure in Tenerife or a Thalasso weigth loss holiday by the sea in Mallorca. Whatever your preference SIS, Spa in Spain can help you find your perfect Weight Loss programme! Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Below you will see a selection of our clients’ favourite weight loss holidays. To see all the slimming programs we offer, click Here.

  • 7 night Detox & Get Fit!

    Real Life Healthy Living Retreat, Alicante


    If you're looking at getting your health back on track - maybe you've put on a little too much weight,...

    11 Reviews

    Package from € 798,00

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  • 7 night Weightloss at GEM

    GEM Wellness & Spa***, Catalonia


    Welcome to GEM Wellness & Spa***, whilst the hotel rooms are very simple, they do have a small and renovated...

    9 Reviews

    Package from € 1.269,00

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  • 7 Night Thalasso Weight Loss

    Hotel Thalasso El Palasiet ****, Castellon


    Thalassotherapy is a medically recognised concept whereby the therapeutic virtues of seawater are used to...

    25 Reviews

    Package from € 1.404,00

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  • NEW! 4 night Group Body Fit

    NEW!! SOL Beach House Ibiza****, Ibiza


    Doing group sports can be a lot more fun and dynamic than doing it alone! Why not join this great group...

    3 Reviews

    Package from € 1.592,00

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  • 6 night Weight Loss Retreat

    Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat****, Andalusia


    In an idyllic surrounding in the heart of Andalucia you will experience a complete personalised Weight Loss...

    61 Reviews

    Package from € 2.129,00

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  • 10 night Thermal Weight Loss

    Balneario de Archena****, Murcia


    Weight loss is a difficult process for most people. Diets which leave people feeling hungry and a over...

    43 Reviews

    Package from € 2.118,00

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  • 7 night Ultimate Reshape

    Epic Sana Algarve Hotel*****, Portugal


    Understanding our body is the first step to achieving the best physical shape. The Sayanna Wellness SPA at the...

    12 Reviews

    Package from € 2.893,00

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  • 14 night Luxury Weight Loss

    Los Monteros Hotel & Spa*****, Andalusia


    If you are feeling that you could lose a few pounds and you are looking for a sea-side holiday that’s not too...

    7 Reviews

    Package from € 2.950,00

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  • Luxury and Comfort at los Monteros Hotel & Spa

    Luxury and Comfort at los Monteros Hotel & Spa

    You might think that we´re always raving on about the wide range of Spas, Wellness Hotels and hidden gems that Spain has to offer, guilty as charged, we might be somewhat biased but hey, it´s true there are just so many that need their own shout out! The offer of good...

  • 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    The festive season is fast approaching and it´s a time that is often complicated for people trying to watch their weight or those on a diet. Many struggle with the question: ¨how can we avoid holiday weight gain during this time of the year?¨. Our beloved Maria José Moreno,...

  • Balneario de Archena, travel back in time

    Balneario de Archena, travel back in time

    As you already know, here at SIS we loooooove to visit all the venues that we offer you! Not only because we love to travel and have a passion for all things Wellness but also because we believe it is super important to be able to tell you first-hand what you will find in...