Taking care of your mind; practice self-care!

Taking care of your mind, anti-stress, coaching and burn-out holidays in Spain by SIS Spa in Spain

We know. You’re busy, and finding the time to take proper care of yourself can be hard. You can get so caught up in your thoughts and feelings and just day to day living, that you don’t realize you are not taking time to really listen to yourself, to “hear” the messages your mind is […]

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10 ways to beat everyday stress

Yoga and Meditation and to relieve stress by SIS Spa in Spain

The biggest part of stress relief is learning to control your thoughts, emotions and take charge of your lifestyle. How? Go to our top 10 tips that psychological research has shown to help reduce stress in the short- and long-term and can help to enjoy life again! Try these simple tricks to help manage stress […]

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