what is happiness by SIS Wellness Holidays

How often have you said, “I just want to be happy”? How often have you said to someone else, “I just want you to be happy”? Have you ever really thought about what happiness means? What, exactly, is this happiness we are wishing for? I feel happy when I am at the beach with the […]

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10 simple strategies for happier mornings

Tips to wake up happier by SIS Spa in Spain

Start your day on a positive note with these tips! Every day is a new beginning, so make the most of every new day! But how do you do this? Putting better habits in place for the morning will leave you more energised and in control throughout the day. With these tips you can start […]

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10 babysteps to a happier and healthier life

10 babysteps to a healthier and happier life by SIS Spa in Spain

When thinking about what BLOG to write for our 10 year anniversary newsletter, I knew it had to be something special. Something really interesting for you, something you can really benefit from. All the information about health and wellbeing that we have been providing over the last decade in one Blog. Would that be possible?! […]

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