15 of the most inspiring thoughts on self-love

love yourself by SIS Wellness Holidays, self-love quotes

I’d like to share 15 of the most inspiring, thought provoking and uplifting thoughts from the past and present on getting to know yourself, raising your self-esteem and finding self-love. Inspiring quotes can help you find new ways to show yourself compassion and will help you see the sunnier side of life to give you the boost you need to […]

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Loving yourself isn´t vanity, it´s sanity!

Love Self

Do you ever lie in bed feeling depressed, thinking “I am full of flaws”, “I hate myself”, or even “I am worthless”? Self-love is never an easy job. When you do something below your expectations, you may sometimes fall into the anxiousness of not being good enough, judging yourself harshly instead of appreciating yourself for what […]

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