Also the Spa & Wellness industry is subject to trends. A few years ago we saw how Spas branded themselves with a specific cosmetic brand to increase their own trust and credibility towards their clients. Now we see a new trend, which is in line with the Bio and Eco trends, and that is ¨ Back to Basic ¨. Why would you use (chemical) products during treatments, which come from far? It is […]

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A touch of India in Mallorca!

Sorry, again a Blog about Ayuveda, but we just can´t help it; Ayurveda is HOT!  This from origin Indian philosophy is gaining popularity in our Western world. More and more people discover this ¨Science of life¨, because that is what Ayurveda means, Ayur stands for ¨Long Life¨ and Veda for ¨Science¨. Ayurveda has been used over 5000 years, making it the oldest health care system in the world! In these hectic modern times we see an increasingly demand for Ayurveda.  This is […]

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Introduction to Ayurveda part 2

As we have learned in part 1 of our introduction to Ayurveda, Ayurveda is an effective system of medicine in India, but what does it practically mean? Ayurveda is all about getting and keeping your Tridosha in balance. The most ideal way to achieve this is by following a personalized diet, get your body internally […]

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The Mayr Cure explained

Mayr Cure in Spain

We know that a lot of therapies used in the Spa & Wellness industry have been invented years, decades or even ages ago. This is such an example, not very well known in non-German speaking countries, which is a pity, because it is a highly effective therapy. Let us introduce you to the F.X. Mayr Therapy! […]

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Spa Trends 2011 – Part 2

And these are the second 5 trends  of Susie Ellis´ Spa Finder trend projection for 2011- identifying global spa trends that will influence experiences for both consumers and the industry in the coming year and for decades to come. 6. THE SCIENCE OF SPA. Is there scientific proof that massage reduces stress? Are mudpacks and […]

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Weight loss holiday Spain

Detox and Weight Loss Holidays are a trend. SIS – Spa In Spain notices an increasing demand in these type of holidays. They have become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to travel all the way to India or Thailand, also Spain has nowadays an exceptional offer in Detox and […]

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