The Mayr Cure explained

F.X. Mayr cure and therapyWe know that a lot of therapies used in the Spa & Wellness industry have been invented years, decades or even ages ago. This is such an example, not very well known in non-German speaking countries, which is a pity, because it is a highly effective therapy.

Let us introduce you to the F.X. Mayr Therapy!

However good our diet, our bodies can’t reap the benefits if our digestive system isn’t working efficiently. That’s the sensible concept behind the Mayr Cure, a digestion-cleansing plan devised around 1920 by Dr Franz Xaver Mayr.

The modern Mayr medicine concept is a holistic approach to preventive treatment, the correction of eating habits and general improvements to health. It is based on the discovery that the optimum function of our intestine is the basis for sound health. The ultimate goal of the Mayr Cure is to improve one’s health through digestive detoxification.

A general Mayr Cure is always more or less build up in the same way.

1. It starts with an interview and initial tests to decide on any food intolerances and a tailored diet for length of the cure.

2. Spa treatments during the cure include manual abdominal treatment (where a doctor massages your tummy to stimulate your intestines), detoxifying massage and colonic irrigation.

3. And a final medical examination with nutritional recommendations to continue with at home.

According to one’s personal constitution, the doctors for the modern Mayr-Medicine draw up a dietary plan that has a protective and purifying effect on the digestive tract. At the same time, great importance is still attached to the enjoyment factor. You can abandon yourself in total relaxation to the rhythm of treatments, careful eating and exercise.

The key component of modern F.X. Mayr medicine, however, is bowel treatment: Several times a week the intestinal tract is unblocked, stimulated and fortified by the therapists, which in turn has a positive effect on heart and circulation.

The modern F.X. Mayr therapy is a tried and tested form of health care that supports your full potential and physical well-being on a sustained basis. At the same time, it may effectively alleviate or completely cure the following ailments: High blood pressure, Overweight and underweight, Diabetes mellitus, Allergies, Insomnia, Depressive mood, Irritable bowel syndrome and food intolerances, Discomfort in the joints, Side effects of the menopause, etc. As it takes time for the body to regenerate, a two week cure is recommended. After a couple of headache days (common with fasting) one will feel much better and more energetic. It will suddenly make sense that a fully functional digestion will make you feel literally lighter and brighter.

The Mayr Cure is hugely popular in dr Mayr´s native Austria, where several Medical spas use it. However to do a Mayr Cure in a warmer climate could also be desirable. Spain has 1 fantastic place where they are super specialised in the Mayr Cure. Océano Vitality Hotel & Medical Spa in Tenerife, to find out more click here!

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