Also the Spa & Wellness industry is subject to trends. A few years ago we saw how Spas branded themselves with a specific cosmetic brand to increase their own trust and credibility towards their clients. Now we see a new trend, which is in line with the Bio and Eco trends, and that is ¨ Back to Basic ¨. Why would you use (chemical) products during treatments, which come from far? It is expensive, not always better of quality and it’s bad for the environment. Therefore, we see more and more spas starting to use local and natural products. And that’s not a crazy thing at all!

Nature has so many products that contain powerful ingredients, which are very suitable to use in the Spa & Wellness industry. The Mediterranean diet is not only good for our inside, but is also a blessing for our outside! So it is not strange at all that Spanish spas are increasingly aware of their surroundings and its products. And they return to use the products Spain is known for for years and years already: Olives, grapes/ wine, citrus fruit and mineral water.

We gladly reveal what these typical Spanish products can do for your well-being and how they contribute to a real Mediterranean Spa experience!

The Olive – Next time you eat an olive you will think about this…  Did you know that the olive tree is the master of anti-aging? It is, as one of the oldest cultivated plants on the earth, in a position to protect itself highly effectively against premature aging. It is able to reach an age of several thousand years under extreme conditions.  They are the plants that have developed one of the best protection mechanisms against aging, and stand for an age in best health and vitality.

So it is not strange at all to see that there are more and more spas taking advantage of the knowledge of this magic substance and are developing products around the olive tree! Products which vary from pure oil to be used in massage and body wraps to cosmetic cleansing products and cremes, but also detoxifying drinks.

Especially in Mallorca which is rich of many, many olive trees, there are quit a few spa who offer olive based therapy.

Grapes and Wine – `Health through wine`. Not only drinking a glass of red wine a day is good for your health, with Vinotherapy you combat aging, remove wrinkles, moisturize the skin, reduces and reaffirms the abdomen, buttocks and breasts. An elixir of beauty that tones, relaxes and reduces stress.

A number of spas in Spain now offer Vinotherapy with treatments based on grape juice and polyphenols, which are extracted from grape seeds. The grapes generally come from the area the spa is located or even from their own vineyard! Most of these spas are located in the Spanish wine regions. Experts also call Polyphenols ¨food for the skin¨, because they say that Polyphenols  extracted from grape seed are a thousand times more effective than vitamin E in the fight against free radicals/ anti-aging.

Examples of typical Vinotherapy treatments are peelings with grape seeds, wine baths, masages with oil from grape seeds, wine body wraps, facials using Polyphenols, etc

Tomatoes – Thanks to the warm climate and fertile soil, Spain is one of the largest tomato producers at an international level. The tomato is an important ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine. It has its beautiful red color from lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. The anti-oxidizing effect slows the appearance of wrinkles and protects against sunburn. A dual effect, because the sun is a powerful oxidant and therefore one of the leading causes of skin aging. Lycopene also helps reducing the level of cholesterol and strenghtens the immune system.

With that much tomato cultivation it is not strange that more and more Spanish Spa & Wellness centers include Tomato Therapy to their offer. Tomato Therapy consists of a healthy menu with lots of tomatoes combined with baths and body & facial treatments based on tomatoes.

Citrus fruit  -Same like the tomato, Spain has an enormous production of citrus fruits ranging from oranges, limes, lemons and grape fruits. No wonder that you increasingly  see these fruits back on the spa menu in the Spanish Spas . Citrus extracts are widely used because of the lifting and detoxifying properties. Pure lemon oil is known for its refreshing qualities that stimulates all the senses and therefore is widely used in aromatherapy. Another example is the pure oil of grapefruit, which is known for its purifying effect on the lymph system.

Many spas use fruit from their own garden to guarantee freshness of the products and the corresponding effectiveness.

Spring water – Spain has a huge range of different types of spring waters. In the Spanish supermarkets water covers a large part of the shelves. The healing properties of mineral water is known for hundreds of years, but nowadays the Spanish spas increasingly use their water resources for relaxation, wellness and preventive therapy. A good example is Font Vella, known as THE Spanish table water. Font Vella Spa Hotel & Spa is ONLY using the water directly from the Font Vella source. How pure and naturally do you want it!

MALLORCA · Son Brull & Oliveda Spa: Surrounded by ancient olive trees and located in a former olive mill, Oliveda Spa ONLY offers treatments based on olives and olive oil.

MALLORCA · Monnaber Nou Hotel & Spa: The Spa of Hotel Rural Monnaber Nou offers a special Olive package based on 100% ecologic extra virgen olive oil from their own production.

CATALONIË · Hotel Peralada & Wine Spa: Surrounded by its own vineyard Peralada Wine Spa offers its visitors a wide range of facial and body treatments based on the natural benefits of their own grapes and wine.

ALAVA · Hotel Marques de Riscal & Vinothérapie Spa: In the heart of the Rioja wine region, the Caudalie Vinotherapy Spa uses thermal water in combination with wine and grape extracts for the most exclusive treatments.

CATALONIË · Urbisol: Small boutique hotel where a visit to the wineries of Abadal is combined with a delicious gourmet diner and wine therapy treatment.

MURCIA · Sensol Spa & Golf Resort: Sensol Hotel & Spa offers a nice Tomato package; a delicious themed menu with lots of tomatoes combined with a tomato based bath and body & facial treatments.

MALLORCA · La Residencia: Located in THE orange valley of Mallorca, La Residencia offers ¨Citrus signature treatments¨ based on homemade aromatic oils from local citrus fruits.

CATALONIË · Font Vella Hotel and Balneario: Font Vella is the largest and most important mineral water source in Spain. The natural mineral water, which is used in the Spa is very pure, healthy and only has slight mineralization.

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