Nourish your body, mind and soul this Valentine´s

It starts at the beginning of February – the familiar dread of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you’ll be alone this Valentine’s Day and if this is the case, I’m sure you’re already sick of all the teddies, flowers and heart shaped chocolates. But they say love is what makes the world go round – and not just romantic love for another. Self-love is arguably the most important love that there is, and you don’t need to wait for someone to love you – you can love yourself today.

And don´t think this “self-love” thing is only for those who are single and feel miserable being surrounded by lovebirds on 14th February. It doesn’t matter whether you are single, in a loving relationship or just secretly have a crush on someone. The point here is, why leave it to someone else when you can take control and tell yourself that you are loved?

Your self-esteem and value do not depend on whether or not you are given the biggest bunch of roses and boxes of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. The only thing you need this Valentine’s Day is some self-love! So now, let me ask you to do one thing. In the true spirit of spreading radical self-love, I challenge you to list 5 things you’ll do this Valentine’s Day to nourish your body, mind and soul. No excuses like ‘but I don’t have time’ or whatever, there are way too many little things you can do to delight yourself in a matter of like five minutes.

Here’s my list:

♥ I buy myself flowers every week, that’s my little treat but on valentine’s day I treat myself to a massive colourful bouquet! Nothing beats the joy of a bunch of fragrant blooms on my table and the smell wafting around the entire house filling you with instant happiness. Buying yourself flowers? Really? Sure! Why wait for someone else to brighten your day when you can do it for yourself?

♥ Take some extra time today to make myself an extra special breakfast. Some warm croissants, freshly squeezed juice and a big Latte! Mmmm….. what better start of the day can there be?!

♥ Look back through my Facebook and Instagram and celebrate all those happy moments that might seem so trivial.

♥ Take a warm bubble bath with some of my favourite bathing products

♥ Finish the day with a knee hug pose on my yoga mat. Here’s how to do it:  Lying on a yoga mat, bring your knees up to your chest. On an inhale, take your hands to your knees. On an exhale, hug the knees comfortably to the belly. Stay for 5-10 full breaths.


And you know what, just by creating this self-love list, I realised how simple it is to be my own Valentine every day. What is more, I found that I’ve been practising self love without consciously thinking about it. I hope you’ll feel the same too!

And don’t forget that from little things big things grow so a tiny bit of self love goes a long way. 🙂

Keep falling in love with yourself!

Written with self-love by your SISter in Wellness Femke

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