“Top 5 transformative Wellness Holidays: find your path to Conscious Living!”

mindful holidays by SIS Wellness Holidays, Mallorca, Spain

In our blogs we talk a lot about how important it is for your wellbeing and happiness to live mindfully and consciously. But that is not always easy to achieve in the fast-paced world we live in. Sometimes it feels like you are being lived by your life, rather than the other way around…

If you find it hard to make some changes in your life towards a more mindful and conscious lifestyle a wellness programme could be a great starting point.

Imagine taking a break from your busy life and go on a wellness holiday. It’s not just about relaxation; it’s an opportunity to shift your lifestyle towards conscious living. In a world filled with distractions, this experience offers you a chance to slow down and be more intentional.

Here’s how it can help you:

  1. Being Present: A wellbeing program introduces you to mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga. These help you focus on the present moment, becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings without judgment. This awareness spills over into your daily life, making you more intentional in your actions.
  2. Digital Detox: You’ll disconnect from screens, allowing you to engage fully with your surroundings. Conversations become richer, and experiences more meaningful. This break from constant connectivity encourages you to live in the moment and connect with people on a deeper level.
  3. Nature Connection: The wellness retreats often happen in natural settings. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, you gain a renewed appreciation for the environment. This connection encourages you to live in harmony with nature and become more environmentally conscious.
  4. Healthy Choices: You’ll enjoy nutritious meals and engage in physical activities. These habits boost your energy and overall well-being. Experiencing the positive effects makes you more inclined to continue such choices afterward.
  5. Self-Reflection: Through quiet time, you’ll explore your thoughts and desires. This self-discovery helps you understand yourself better and make choices aligned with your values.
  6. Community Bonding: Interacting with fellow participants fosters understanding and empathy. These connections inspire you to be more considerate and conscious of your impact on others.

Imagine a wellness programme as a practical guide to mindful living. The lessons you learn and the habits you develop during this time stay with you, helping you make conscious choices in your everyday life. It’s not just a vacation; it’s an investment in a more intentional way of being.

Does this sound like something you need? We have selected the best places to go and discover your path to a more conscious and mindful life:

Shanti Som:

This small retreat style hotel is nestled up in the hills of Marbella and offers a secluded hideaway, with an Asian styling and tranquillity second to none. This venue is ideal for those looking to restore balance and healthy living back into their lives. Surrounded by nature, with stunning hikes on their doorstep, this is a place to rest and be nurtured by the incredible team.



Aleida and Doby are the perfect hosts and welcome you open armed to their small and beautiful retreat in Sant Climent de Sescebes, just below the Spanish-French border towards the Costa Brava, Spain. If you´re looking for peace, quiet and a home from home, you have it all here. Aleida has a gentle and hugely experienced way about her, perfect for both the yoga and coaching sessions and for sure you´ll be begging Doby to share his recipes with you! Personal attention, personal healing and a warm homely atmosphere, that is what you will find here!


mindful holidays by SIS Wellness Holidays, Mallorca, Spain

New Life Portugal:

New Life Portugal is a unique combination of a wellness retreat and recovery centre. They are a specialised centre for mindfulness, burn-out and personal growth. The programs offer a wide range of therapeutic elements rarely found all in one place, including meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice, counselling, life coaching, personal training, workshops, the restorative benefits of being in nature, and a supportive community. Whatever the reason is for you to choose a stay at New Life, you will find a holistic and integrative approach, which is focused on engaged community living, mindfulness, compassion, physical self-care, counselling, life coaching, conscious living and nature. Here you will learn how to make life-changing changes and return home with a whole set of new tools to face the challenges of daily life.


Embrace conscious living by SIS Wellness Holidays


One of these rare places where everything is just right. A beautiful setting in the middle of nature, an amazingly restored old manor house with lots of charm, a super friendly team of wonderful people, relaxing yoga and meditation in the impressive Yoga dome and the most delicious & healthy macrobiotic food. If you are looking for a place to completely restore and recharge your batteries, this is the place for you!


Embrace conscious living by SIS Wellness Holidays

Alpino Atlantico:

Ayurveda or the “The knowledge of life” is a 5.000 year old ancient Indian medicine. It uses a holistic approach to bring body, mind and soul into equilibrium with nature and guides us to live a healthier, more balanced and conscious lifestyle. It recognizes that we are all unique and focuses on food, lifestyle, massage, yoga and herbal remedies to suit our individual make-up.

Alpino Atlantico Hotel is a small and charming boutique style hotel with a dramatic location, perched on a cliff top in colourful Madeira with breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. This intimate venue offers authentic ayurveda treatments and meals and it would be hard to find a more impressive location for the yoga sessions. For those looking for a complete ayurveda cure or yoga program in a beautiful and peaceful location, this is the place to go!


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