How far did you get with your 2015 resolutions???

New Year’s resolution SISWe love how New Year’s resolutions are always set with a bright and determined outlook, but it appears that only very few people are able to continue with their New Year resolutions longer than 1 month!! How about yourself? Have you already fallen into the trap not getting to your resolutions in the way you had originally hoped?

If the answer is a YES, do not worry, it is not too late yet… But make a lasting change now! Make a few simple “reformed resolutions” now to improve your entire outlook on life in 2015. You will find that you will take joy and even more commitment in setting and achieving your goals. Take care of your health and general state of happiness and everything else will follow!

Here are five steps to becoming healthier AND happier:

  1. Exercise.Making a commitment to move more will not only benefit your health and body weight, it will also boost your spirits. If you don’t exercise at all now, just start by taking 15-30 minutes a day to walk, jog, work with light weights, do some yoga or even just some simple stretches. You’ll find that as time goes on, you’ll want to move more and more, and you’ll be in a great mood about it!
  2. Eat Better.From new food research and food movements, many of us have become more aware of what we eat. Whether it’s cutting something out of your diet, or adding something to it, eating more healthfully and more consciously can be done easily and enjoyably. Just start simply with actionslike being aware of hydrating every day and adding another piece of fruit to your daily routine. If you want to focus on eating more consciously or sustainably, start buying your produce from the local farmer’s market, and you’ll not only be eating according to season, but you’ll also be eating better quality food and supporting your local community.
  3. Embrace Your Talents and Passions.We all have hobbies and things that pique our interest, things that make us happy. But how much time do you really give to these things, whether it be golfing, spa-ing, knitting or crafting? Make a commitment to spend some time doing the things you love. Indulge a little in the things you love, and you’ll not only be enriching your life, but the lives of others as well.
  4. Be Grateful.It’s easy to focus on the negative (which is what New Year’s resolutions seem to revolve around), but try to look at the positive in your life and take time to acknowledge and be thankful for it. Maybe your goal is to have a six-pack by summer for that sunny vacation you have planned, but maybe you’re also eating really well and exercising regularly, too – don’t forget to recognise the good things you are doing and be happy that you are able to do them. For those who find optimism difficult, start by writing down one thing that made you happy or thankful for that day before you go to bed.
  5. Surround Yourself. Your surroundings are just as influential in your health and happiness as what is going on within you. Be conscious to make sure positive and supportive people and things surround you every day.

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