TOP 5 Friendliest Spa & Wellness teams

Shanti Som – ¨A home away from home!¨

The team of this small scale hotel is one of a kind. The management is still the same since the opening of the place almost 10 years ago, which means they know a lot of guests personally as they have a high percentage of returning guests. And that already says enough!

If you arrive at Shanti Som it feel likes coming home. This place breaths calm and rest. And the whole team contributes to that feeling. Everybody smiles and everybody is up for a little chit chat. From the ladies of reception Annemarie, Nur and Laura, Christine the manager, to Jana and Juan in the restaurant to Javier the personal trainer and Nathalie the yoga teacher. Everybody is as friendly and does everything to make you feel at home. Their unique selling point is the peaceful environment, even if they are fully booked, you feel like being in a small haven of tranquillity!

Los Monteros – ¨The charming Maria José awaits you! ¨

This emblematic hotel just outside Marbella already exists for over 50 years. It breaths charm, history and experience! Although you are in a bigger hotel, if you follow one of the detox or weight loss programs the team who will guide you is only small. Maria José is the nutritionist and she will be your first contact during your entire stay. She is like a mother, she knows how to take care of people and make you feel comfortable. In addition her recipes are amazing and her enthusiasm when talking about the healthy diet even more!!! One of our guests once gave as feedback ¨ Maria José is a truly amazing lady, you would want to put her in a box and take her home, so she can continue taking care of you at home. She is very professional and passionate with whole her heart, a very caring person¨. Their unique selling point is Maria José!¨

Hotel Thalasso El Palasiet – ¨Spanish charm and cariño (loving)!¨

If you decide to go to Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet, you will choose for a typical Spanish Wellness experience. This family run hotel is already operating over 50 years. If you are lucky you will even get the chance to meet the original owner and doctor Joaquín Farnós Gauchía, who is a very charming man and although not active in the hotel anymore, he is still around and loves meeting guests. The history of the place you can feel in all corners and they are proud of it, so everywhere around you will find pictures of the hotel and team during the years. The team of the Thalasso centre is a very loyal team, already there for many years and that is what you notice. There is a close collaboration between Irene the nutritionist, Mar the doctor and Leandro the personal trainer to optimize the programs for the best possible results. A loving and caring team in a very charming typical Spanish setting.

Longevity Cegonha Country Club – ¨Service with a Smile¨

From the moment you arrive at this small scale Wellness hotel, you notice the enthusiasm of this young team of professionals. Longevity Cegonha Country Club only opened in 2017, but the enthusiasm and passion of all staff members is still there! Because it is so small scale, by the time you will leave you will know each and every member of the team. It is a great place for every kind of program and they work with specialists in every area. Whether it is a yoga program, a fitness bootcamp, a juice detox or a focused weight loss program, you will receive what they promise you and more! ¨Service with a smile¨ could be there slogan!

SHA Wellness Clinic – ¨Exclusivity and high expertise without becoming a number¨

This Wellness Clinic is one of a kind. SHA is one of the best Health and Wellness Clinics in Europe and even in the world. Their expertise and level of service are of a very high standard. From the moment you arrive and meet the receptionist, doctors, therapists, personal trainers and even the restaurant staff, they all go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. But although their expertise and professionalism, you will not feel like a number! The team is trained to approach each and every guest in a personal way. The personal trainers will do everything to get the best out of yourself and you will be surprised about what you are actually capable to achieve! The unique selling point is by far their professionalism and expertise in a very wide spectrum!

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