Our visit to Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel

“The best thing of being part of the SISters in Wellness team is that part of our job is trying the wellness hotels and resorts ourselves! Julia and I were lucky enough to visit Longevity’s new wellness clinic in Alvor, Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel, in the south of Portugal.

The experience was very positive, there is nothing like visiting our dear collaborators to become familiar with the great work they do and to undergo the wellness experience they offer. As soon as we arrived, we realised that it is not a “normal” hotel, the building evokes the waves of the sea with its rounded shapes and invites to start the journey towards total relaxation. It is a very contemporary hotel, with open spaces where one breathes health, exclusivity, simplicity and modernity.

During our stay we enjoyed the magnificent Spa, comfortable, beautiful, modern. I especially loved the Hammam, I have visited many, but this one has a special charm, perhaps because of the original lighting.

The infinity pool on the top floor, overlooking the sea is also a delight, ideal to spend some time relaxing with a fresh smoothie or whatever you fancy. As a curiosity, we loved to watch how at sunset, the seagulls perch on the edge of the pool to watch the sunset, a unique image!

There are quite a few activities during the day that you can sign up for, I really enjoyed Johanna Hessling’s Yoga class first thing in the morning.

It’s funny that the hotel didn’t seem very full, but in the class there were quite a few guests, I don’t know where they came from! This reflects the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel well, it may be full, but you don’t notice it at all!

Finally, I would like to mention their gastronomic offer, whether you are on a diet or not, the options are delicious, but the best thing is their breakfast, what a breakfast! The most complete, healthy and delicious breakfast I have ever enjoyed. And if you add to all this the kindness of the whole team… I would have stayed to live!”

– Your SISter in Wellness Marta

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