Gratitude exercise: small habits, big happiness!

Gratitude exercise: Small Habits, Big Happiness by SIS Wellness Holidays

A gratitude exercise is a practice designed to cultivate feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the positive aspects of one’s life. Engaging in regular gratitude exercises has been linked to various mental health benefits, including improved mood, increased overall well-being, and reduced stress. Here’s a simple gratitude exercise that you can try: Gratitude Journaling: Set […]

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The power of gratitude: An unexpected wellness boost!

The unconventional power of gratitude: An unexpected wellness boost! by SIS Wellness Holidays

In this blog I would like to talk about something that doesn’t get enough credit in our fast-paced lives – gratitude. Yes, I know, it might sound a bit cliché, but bear with me. Gratitude is not just a fleeting feeling but a holistic wellness practice that’s like a warm hug for your mind, body, […]

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Embracing 50 with Grace and Health: A Letter to You

healthy aging: Defying Aging with Lifestyle Choices by SIS Wellness Holidays

Dear Reader, As I sit down to write this letter, I feel a mixture of excitement, reflection, and a touch of nostalgia. You see, I’m turning 50 tomorrow, and like many milestones in life, it has given me pause to contemplate the journey that has led me to this point. Believe me, I could dwell […]

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Embrace aging without fear at our top destinations!

Embrace aging without fear with an anti-aging programme in Spain by SIS Wellness Holidays

Aging is a natural process, unavoidable for all of us. However, there’s no need to approach the future with dread. Because guess what? Aging doesn’t have to be this scary journey filled with wrinkles, groans, and endless trips to the doctor. You have more control over it than you might think. Imagine this – a […]

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Ricardo explains: The Synergy of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

The Synergy of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy by SIS Wellness Holidays

Ricardo Rosa holds the position of Lead Physiotherapist and Osteopath at Longevity Wellness Worldwide. He garnered recognition from Conde Nast Traveller as one of the 19 super therapists and best healers in the world. He is fervently committed to acquiring knowledge and therapies that effectively address dysfunctions in the shortest time possible, without resorting to […]

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All there is to know about Thalasso!

All there is to know about Thalasso therapy, El Palasiet by SIS Wellness Holidays

One of our most popular locations is also one of our personal favourites, El Palasiet Thalasso Clinic & Hotel 4* in Benicassim, not far from Valencia airport. There are many reasons that this hotel is so successful with our clients: the location is beautiful only minutes from a 14km stretch of wide beach, the microclimate […]

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Prevent Inflammaging from Accelerating Your Aging Process

Defy inflamming: healthy aging by SIS Wellness Holidays

As you get older, it can feel like time goes by faster and faster. After a certain age your body changes and often not for the better… Have you been wondering about the secret to staying youthful as the years roll by? Well, you’re in for a treat today because we’re diving into a fascinating […]

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The Keys to a Long, Healthy Life: Defying Aging with Lifestyle Choices

healthy aging: Defying Aging with Lifestyle Choices by SIS Wellness Holidays

When you check yourself out in the morning mirror, are you satisfied with what you see? Do you feel energetic and youthful, or do you wake up with aching joints and feeling old? I’m hitting the big 5-0 next month, and it’s got me thinking about getting older. So, in this blog I would like […]

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Unlocking the Secrets of Biological Age: What’s your True Age?

Unlocking the Secrets of Biological Age: What’s your True Age? by SIS Wellness Holidays

Age is more than just a number; it’s a reflection of our journey through life. However, there’s a difference between chronological age and biological age. While your chronological age is determined by the number of years you’ve been alive, your biological age represents the state of your body and its functions. In this blog, we […]

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Fattoush salad; The perfect dish for hot summer days!

Fattoush salad with radishes, pomegranate & chickpeas, Sharanam Retreat, SIS Wellness Holidays

On a balmy summer day (like we currently have 🥵), there’s nothing quite like a refreshing, light salad to satisfy your cravings. But we all know that salads alone might leave us feeling a bit empty. That’s why we adore hearty salads that can double as a satisfying dinner option. And today, we want to […]

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