A journey into Yoga and Meditation in Ibiza

Ibiza Healing Yoga and Meditation Retreat

There are yoga Retreats and then there are yoga Retreats. One is never like the other, but this one at Yoga Rosa Retreats is definitely one of a kind! Imagine yourself in rural Ibiza surrounded by nature, in a place which has been created with passion for yoga, passion for a healthy diet, an accute […]

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It´s time for ME-time!

Do you recognise the feeling of the summer holiday being over? How nice it was and what a fun we had. Especially the kids enjoyed, sun, sea, beach and going to bed late at night. And if the kids are enjoying we are happy as well aren´t we? For us the summer holidays are always […]

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Back in Shape at Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet!

As I drove into the small town of Benicassim and saw the Thalasso Hotel El Palasiet at the far end of the village I was struck by so many things: the tranquil and beautiful setting right by the sea, the surrounding woods, the beautiful gardens, I knew this was going to be the perfect place […]

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Inseparable SISters: Yoga and Ayurveda

SIS Spa in Spain BLOG, Ayurveda & Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are two “sister” practices that originated in India thousands of years ago. Now, a lot of us are familiar with yoga, and have experienced its profound benefits. Yet many of us are not as familiar with Ayurveda. Yoga has taken Europe by storm. The number of people who practice some form of yoga […]

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Reconnect to your inner Self and feel whole again!


Nathalie is the senior Yoga teacher at Shanti Som. She explains what yoga can do for you and why you should start your pratice today! If you would like to more fully understand how to get in charge of your life through yoga, chakra awareness and the way you look at and approach your life, […]

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Experience Kundalini Yoga at Shanti Som!


Nowadays yoga is quiet a popular activity and almost everybody has heard of it. However, the majority has no clue what yoga actually is and that there are so many different forms of yoga. Did you know that Yoga is the oldest science of life? Yoga is originated in India many thousands of years ago. […]

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Asian Flair in the Med!

Shanti Som Wellbeing Retreat, tucked away amongst the pines and olive trees, just a short drive away from Marbella but far enough away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Widescreen views of the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park, unbroken by buildings, make this a relaxing spot to escape to. And […]

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Hormone Yoga!

At every stage of life, yoga can be highly effective in helping women to achieve and maintain hormonal balance and inner harmony. Gentle, dynamic movements and deep postures, aligned with the breath, have a regenerative and revitalizing effect. Yoga helps you find your center, to remain flexible both internally and externally, it is soothing and […]

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Yoga – Science of Life!

Did you know that Yoga is the oldest science of life? Yoga is originated in India many thousands of years ago. Yoga helps you to minimize stress and brings your body back in a fit, flexible and healthy condition. The physical exercises in combination with breathing and relaxing you can learn at any age and […]

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