A journey into Yoga and Meditation in Ibiza

Ibiza Healing Yoga RetreatThere are yoga Retreats and then there are yoga Retreats. One is never like the other, but this one at Yoga Rosa Retreats is definitely one of a kind! Imagine yourself in rural Ibiza surrounded by nature, in a place which has been created with passion for yoga, passion for a healthy diet, an accute eye for detail and with lots of love for both people and animals! This how I would describe Yoga Rosa Retreat.

Here you will find peace and quiet, miles away from mass tourism and party scenes that you will find elsewhere in Ibiza. A yoga retreat in solitude! With a maximum of 10 guests, but with an average of 4-6 guests at any one time, you are guaranteed a peaceful stay focused on yoga, meditation and healthy vegetarian food.

I was lucky to be able to stay for 3 days at Yoga Rosa Retreat, which of course was way too short, but long enough to get a good impression of this magical place.

Yogi Rosa at Ibiza Healing Yoga RetreatAustrian Rosa started her beautiful retreat in 2014. After having a terrible accident. It took her over a year to recover and even then, she was still suffering from constant pain. When she went with her daughter to a Yoga retreat in India, she experienced how yoga helped her to get rid of the pain and realised that yoga was more than just exercise, it was actually healing her. Yoga worked for her and she decided that this was her new path in life. She wanted to learn all about it and so she did. She spent months in India learning from the Indian Yoga masters and when she returned to Europe, she decided that she wanted to create a space for yoga, where people can come to experience the holistic way of practising yoga. She does not focus on perfect poses, but she focuses on what yoga and meditation do to your mind and emotional wellbeing.

When I arrived in Ibiza I enjoyed the drive along the winding country roads looking out for the ¨pink towers¨, which I had been told mark the way to Yoga Rosa Retreats. When I did find the pink rock towers, it was only a short drive up a small track until I reached the big gate. When the gate opened I was welcomed by pretty Rosa in her beautiful black kaftan followed closely by her 3 lovely dogs. I´m not a big fan of dogs, so initially I felt a bit overwhelmed, but it only took a short time to become good friends with them and enjoy their company.

Rosa showed me to my beautiful room. Nothing fancy, but beautifully decorated and most importantly I felt at home straight away! There were 3 other guests and I found them in different corners of the retreat, all minding their own business, so I decided to respect that and do the same. I grabbed a book and lay down by the pool, enjoying the autumn sun, which was actually still nice and warm in October!

Yoga holiday at Ibiza Healing Yoga RetreatThe days at Rosa Yoga Retreats are quiet and relaxed. The day starts at 8:30am with an active 90-minute yoga class. After having had a lovely herbal tea on our mat, the class starts with a warm up, followed by more active yoga where you work all body parts. From basic postures to more advanced postures. Rosa helps and corrects you wherever necessary, but she does not focus on perfect postures, it is more important to experience what the postures do to you from the inside. The daily classes are more or less the same, so you can really notice your improvement in flexibility! And the idea is that in this way it will be easier to remember and easier to continue the yoga practise at home.

A brunch to die for at Ibiza Healing Yoga RetreatAfter the yoga class, breakfast is served on the 5-meter long(!) wooden table. Chef Claudia prepares a breakfast which is unbelievably varied and healthy. Chlorophyll shots, Macha tea, gluten free bread, fruit salad with bee pollen, porridge which has a different taste and colour everyday, it not only looks great, but it also tastes amazing and is super healthy! Full of passion she tells us all about how she prepared everything.

The rest of the day you are free to do whatever you like. You can go for a walk or just stay at the retreat, cuddle up with the miniature pigs Sugo and Lola, book a massage, read a book in a hammock or go for a swim. Enough to do while doing nothing! At 18:00 there is meditation. Half an hour in the Lotus posture doing pranayama’s (breathing exercises) and half an hour in dead man´s pose. Rosa guided us through the meditation with her voice and her crystal sound healing bowl, with which she created amazing sounds which hit you deep in the soul.

After meditation there is a 3-course dinner, again to do die for. Being a carnivore, I was a bit dubious about going on a vegetarian retreat, but honestly I did not miss meat one bit! It was all so tasty and beautifully presented, it actually inspired me to start eating less meat back home!

For one day a week there is a silence day, so no talking, no phones, no internet. Just you with your own thoughts. I was a bit reluctant, but I managed quite well. It is interesting to experience what it does to you being on your own without any distraction from others or from the outside world.

Although it has only been 3 days, I really feel like I have been away, for sure I feel completely disconnected and have so much more energy. I am more flexible, more aware of my body and more aware about healthy eating.

Relaxing at Ibiza Healing Yoga RetreatI am writing this blog whilst still at the retreat, relaxing in a hammock hearing nothing but crickets and the palm trees swaying in the breeze, and I realise I am feel blessed to be here, experiencing this unique atmosphere, the passion Rosa has for yoga, the passion Claudia has for healthy cooking, although it is only for a couple of days. Yoga Rosa Retreats is one of a kind and certainly belongs on the list of the places where I will return!

If you are interested in a stay at Yoga Rosa Retreats, have a look at the yoga & meditation programs we offer there through this link.

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