Pioneers in Spain´s Thalasso therapy

Thalassotherapy has a place of significance in Spanish history, otherwise known as El Palasiet.

Origin of Thalassotherapy

Pioneers in Spanish Thalasso therapy, Hotel Thalasso El Palasiet by SIS Spa in Spain

Since the times of the ancient Greeks, the benefits of sea water have been well known, although it was not until the Roman era that “Thalassotherapy” really began to become recognised thanks to the numerous studies that were carried out at this time.

The success of Thalassotherapy lies in the ability to relax body and mind thanks to the salinity, density and movement of the water. The combination of all these factors make seawater both a therapeutic and aesthetic resource.

The beginnings of Spain´s Thalasso therapy

In 1966 Dr. Joaquín Farnós Gauchía, doctor and politician, together with his French partners inaugurated the installations of the Heliomarin Hydrotherapy Center of Benicassim. This was considered a truly significant event in the contemporary national framework, and at that time it was a hospital facility specialized in functional rehabilitation using the marine environment. Four years later the hospital was transformed into what is now known as Hotel Termas El Palasiet and Dr Farnós Gauchía continues to be the director of this family run hotel.

Pioneers in Spanish Thalasso therapy, Hotel Thalasso El Palasiet by SIS Spa in SpainPioneers in Spanish Thalasso therapy, Hotel Thalasso El Palasiet by SIS Spa in Spain








El Palasiet was Spain´s pioneering thalassotherapy centre and has continued to maintain its high standards over the years thanks to its five pillars or basic principles:

  1. Immediate proximity to the sea. It´s location is a straight 40 m from the sea shore, so it is relatively easy to pump the water direct from source which avoids any type of chemical treatment in the individual hydrotherapy techniques.
  2. Medical supervision of the cures. All therapeutic treatments are prescribed, personalized and supervised by specialist doctors.
  3. Adequate facilities. In a period of just over thirty years, there have been 4 complete refurbishments.
  4. Highly qualified staff. The whole team ofDoctors, physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, aesthetic technicians and sports monitors are highly qualified.
  5. Maximum hygiene guaranteed. In-depth controls are carried out on the quality of seawater used in its facilities and the results are openly available to the public.

For all of the reasons above, together with our client reviews and thousands of happy customers that have passed through their doors over the years, we have no doubt that the Hotel Talaso El Palasiet sets the benchmark for thalassotherapy in Spain.

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