Mind full or mindful?

Why are we always thinking so much?

¨What should I have for dinner, what shall I wear, do I still like my job, why did he/she say that, do I earn enough money, where should I go on my next holiday, what time do I have to be at the dentist, I shouldn´t forget to call my mother, why does this happen to me, does he/she still love me, did I put the laundry in the dryer, how can I get rid of my belly, I really like the new dress of that colleague…¨

A never ending stream of ideas, opinions, and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Quite stressful and tiring sometimes!

While thoughts are shaped by life experiences, genetics, and education, they are generally under conscious control. In other words, if you are aware of your thoughts and attitudes, you can choose to change them.

What are emotions?

Emotions are the flow and experience of feelings, for example, joy, sadness, anger, or fear. Emotions can be triggered by something external (from having an argument or receiving a compliment) or something internal (an upsetting dream or memory).

Thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on one another. The way we think, and what we think about, can affect how we feel and act. For example, if you think or worry a lot about upsetting past or future events, you might often feel sad or anxious.

We tend to believe that emotions are just “part of us” and can’t be changed.  However, emotions are adaptable. They can be changed by:

  • Adjusting an external situation (changing your job if your job doesn´t make you happy any longer)
  • Choosing to focus on a more positive aspect of a situation (focus on what you like instead of on what you don´t like)
  • Re-value a situation (the upcoming test is an opportunity for learning, not an assessment of my personal worth). 

How we choose to live our lives has huge impact on the way we feel every day!

Certain types of mental training, such as mindfulness, meditation or positive thinking, can affect our perceptions of the world and make us feel calmer, more resilient, and happier.


Mindfulness is the practice of gently focusing your awareness on the present moment over and over again. By practicing mindfulness over and over with patience and compassion for yourself, you can teach the mind to be still.

And yes, we know, that is not easy! Because how exactly does Mindfulness work? And how can it help you to become a calmer, more relaxed and happier person? Keep an eye out on our blogs if you would like to learn more!!

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