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Hamam_towel copyWe as Spa & Wellness lovers are always searching nice and new wellness gadgets. We now rediscovered the Hamam towel. Not a new item at all, because it has been used for years and years already, but now you will find new, hip, and colourful Hamam towels which can not only be used during your Spa visit, but also as a beach towel, as a pareo, in your own bathroom, as decoration in your living room,etc.

The Hamam towel is originally from Turkey where it was has been used for ages in Hammams or in the original bathhouses. People used it to cover themselves during the Hammam sessions. Because of the light cotton structure the towels were easy to bring, as they are light weight and compact, but more important it absorbs the water without having a heavy towel wrapped around you and it dries 10 times quicker than a regular towel.

The Hamam towel is not a useless gadget. We would say it is even underestimated, people think they might not need one, because they have plenty of regular towels, but we are sure you will be aware of the advantages once you have tried it! And…. they are not expensive and last a lifetime!

For Hamam towels in all sorts of sizes, colours and materials, please see or

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