Thalasso therapy: a Sea of Sensations!

Thalasso therapy from the oceanHuge amounts of tourists come to Spain every year to enjoy sun, sand and the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. However, most people are not aware that the sea offers so much more than just a place where you go to work on your tan, to build sandcastles with your kids or for a cooling swim. Allow us to introduce you to the concept of Thalasso and next time you are at the beach, you might look differently at the sea…

The word Thalasso therapy originates from the Greek ‘Thalassa’ (= sea) and ‘therapeia’ (= treat) and defines the therapeutic use of seawater and its components. Thalassotherapy is defined as the layering of ocean components onto the body; utilizing whole seaweeds, seasalt & ocean water over the body; allowing the absorption of important vitamins and minerals in a bio-available chelated form, for the purpose of achieving mind, body balancing.

Thalasso therapy from seaweedThe power of a Thalasso cure lies in the natural and chemical similarity of sea water compared to the human blood plasma. Sea water has strong healing properties and prevents possible illnesses. In scientific medical tests algae and sea weeds have proven to have powerful antiseptic and antibiotic properties, all purely natural, and they possess a diverse range of vitamins, calcium, iron, protein, minerals, etc.

Our bodies are self healing and know exactly what to do, when given the tools they need to do it with. In other words, if the body is getting the vitamins & minerals that it needs to rebuild & strengthen cells & the immune system, it will do just that, strengthen cells and rebuild the immune system. The best way to intake these essential nutrients is through trans-dermal absorption, through the skin and directly into the bloodstream thereby bypassing the GI tract. What’s really amazing with thalassotherapy is that since the body’s chemistry is so similar to the ocean, the balancing of nutrients occurs very easily with the body and in correct proportions to what our bodies can assimilate & require. Afterall, our vitamins & minerals work best in the body in conjunction with the availability of each other for support and a strengthened synergy experienced. During a thalassotherapy body wrap or bath, the mind/body balancing that is experienced is a result of the correct balance of nature’s vitamins & minerals brought into the bloodstream through trans-dermal absorption and moving the body into balance, otherwise known as homeostasis. This physiologically response by the body is physically felt for a few days to a week afterwards with less aches & pains, reduced inflammation, a strengthened immune system & increasing the natural detoxification of the body.

Thalasso therapy Thalasso therapy works for anti-stress, weight loss, cellulite reduction, post-natal toning, back problems, blood circulation problems and joint pains. In fact you can go to a Thalasso centre for almost everything! Typical Thalasso treatments are: algae baths, algae wraps, sea water shower massages, jet showers, hydro massage, steam baths, etc. For an optimal effect, the seawater should be heated.

Thalasso therapy is especially suitable for people with a weak immune system. It all starts with mineral sufficiency in the body & specifically Iodine sufficiency. If we look to the East we see Japanese & Korean people eating indigenous diets that are high in ocean-vegetables & living long healthy lives with some of the lowest rates of cancer in the world. Since brown kelps are the mildest tasting, having 10 to 100 times the iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium and over 50 other minerals as compared to land vegetables, our best source for immune health comes from the ocean. As Hippocrates said, ‘Go to the ocean to heal’, these words of wisdom still hold truth today thousands of years later.

Originally Thalasso is a French treatment method, but nowadays an increasing number of Thalasso Spas and resorts of high quality is opening their doors in Spain. Thanks to the mild and warm climate throughout the year, especially in the coastal areas, Spain is a perfect Thalasso destination!

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  1. Great article and there are so many, sometimes too many spas to choose from these days. Oh to be able to visit them all. My favourite so far is Hotel Gran Elba Estepona & Thalasso Spa right on the beach and in the lovely town of Estepona.

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