Shanti Som; peace, tranquility and light …

Shanti Som Wellness Retreat, Andalusia, Spain (SIS Spa in Spain)

Shanti Som Wellness Retreat is one of those places you do not expect to find in Spain, perhaps in Thailand, Bali, India, or some other exotic destination. Shanti Som is peace, tranquility and light …

One of the advantages of working in this sector is to be able to recommend these small paradises to everyone, and of course, to do that we have to experience it first-hand which in the case of Shanti Som Wellness Retreat was not a punishment at all!

Shanti Som Wellness Retreat, relax, restore, rejuvenateIn fact it was a real pleasure discovering it for myself. Despite having seen photos and knowing their programs, my expectations were exceeded when I visited. Its location is unique, a small wooden sign on a mountain road points out the small winding path taking you into the mountains. Suddenly a big stone arises in front of you with the words “Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate” and your mind is preparing to relax… You see oriental statues further along the path and finally, on a small hill you find this wonderful retreat, a mecca of well-being.

The check-in, accompanied by a refreshing drink composed of ginger and spices, matches with the concept of the place, it shows so much when people enjoy their work! And this is certainly one of those cases, one of those places where, even if you are traveling alone, as soon as you arrive, you feel accompanied, welcomed, at home.

After leaving my luggage in my very comfortable room, an interesting blend of modern luxury and the simplicity of a tropical paradise, floor heating in the bathroom and amenities of Rituals (I love that brand!), I went for a discovery tour.

Shanti Som Wellbeing retreat, cuising

The place is downright beautiful, the hotel was nearly fully booked but you could not tell at all. You saw people strolling, practicing yoga, sipping their detox juices or sun bathing by the pool, and all in a quiet, relaxed, harmonious atmosphere, Mantras sound all over the place , element that helps you to let go, to disconnect, to rest …

Its cuisine is in keeping with the whole place, healthy, delicious, perfect portions, and if you wish, you can accompany it with a glass of wine. And we recommend you to do so, as the place lends itself perfectly to have a glass of wine at dinner in the light of countless candles that lit the place.

buddha Shanti Som Wellness Retreat,First thing in the morning you can enjoy a yoga class to start the day in an energetic way. There are people of all levels attending, the class is adapted to all participants, the teacher, charming, patient and always smiling. Then a delicious varied breakfast, with healthy and nutritious options for all tastes and on with your daily program. The days pass slowly, calm, meditation in the afternoon, nature walks, cooking workshops, massages, it does not feel at all that we are at only 15 minutes from Marbella!

If you are looking for yoga, meditation, to detox and reset your body, change to a healthier lifestyle, lose weight or simply rest in a beautiful and exotic environment, Shanti Som Wellness Retreat, is, without a doubt, your place to be!

Check out their programs, get in touch with us and we will prepare your perfect wellness getaway:

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