SHA healthy NutritionWe live influenced by a fast lifestyle. Workload, family, household chores and stress, do not allow us to eat healthily. And many times we don’t even know how harmful some foods are for our body. We get carried away by the fast food, ready meals and we deceive ourselves with light products, unaware that there are much healthier alternative options.

SHA Wellness clinic, a renowned wellness clinic in Spain, promotes healthy living with a healthy nutrition capable of re-balancing the body and boosting its ability to restore itself.

The Macrobiotic consultants at SHA share some very important healthy nutrition tips and propose the following changes into the diet that will for sure contribute to improve the health of those who’d like to try:

  • Replace sugar and and sweetener for rice syrup.
  • Replace milk for rice, oats of almond milk.
  • Replace cheese for Tofu. Be careful! It’s important to boil it for 5 minutes before eating!
  • Replace yogurt for gelatine. You can prepare it yourself with apple juice and agar agar.
  • Replace ham sandwiches for baked pumpkin, sushi, rice balls or cereal bars that you can prepare at home.
  • Replace the butter of your breakfast toast for tahini or peanut butter (homemade).
  • Common jam on your toast for sugar free marmalades or sugar free compote.
  • White bread for wholegrain bread.
  • Common coffee for cereals coffee. You can find excellent options.
  • A complete breakfast will then be a whole grain bread toast with apple compote or some sugar free muesli with oats, rice or almond drink.
  • Replace red meats for legumes and cereals and other substitutes such as seitan, tofu or tempeh.
  • Rice, pasta and white bread for wholegrain rice, pasta and bread.
  • Traditional breakfast cereals for rice or oats porridge.
  • Common salt for complete not processed salt .
  • Frozen vegetables for seasonal vegetables.
  • Introduce teas like Kukicha or Mu.
  • Soft drinks for water with lemon or cucumber or ice teas.

SHA nutrition follows the principles of an energetic and healthy diet, adapting to the needs of each individual. The products used are carefully selected, considering the season, quality and combination of ingredients to create an energetic, healing, healthy, as well as incredibly delicious experience.

In order to get familiar with this philosophy SHA offers their guests to learn all about healthy nutrition and cooking at their Chef‘s Studio, the perfect place to get to know the healthy gastronomic secrets of SHA Wellness Clinic.

The Chef‘s Studio at SHA Wellness Clinic, healthy nutrition by SIS Spa in Spain

In a pleasant, professional and interactive setting you will learn deliciously simple recipes, and find out everything you need to know about healthy eating so that you can use it afterwards on a daily basis and make a substantial and significant change to your health and lifestyle.

There are daily classes with different themes according to the day of the week, during which the Chef will talk about the active ingredients of each food item, along with the appropriate cooking method. It is an experience that will also enable you to share the culinary secrets of healthy eating with other guests.

Energy breakfast

The best way to start the day off to a good start with vitality and energy. Deliciously simple recipes for a light breakfast with the maximum amount of nutrients to face the day ahead.

Seasonal cooking

Help your body adapt to seasonal changes through food, with well-balanced and nutritious dishes that suit each season of the year.

Energy grains

The best all-round source of nutritious energy. Learn to cook exquisite recipes with different whole grains, from simple recipes to the most elaborate dishes.

Plant-based proteins

It is important that the daily diet includes a good source of plant-based proteins. Discover the endless possibilities to make extremely tasty and healthy dishes.

The Chef‘s Studio at SHA Wellness Clinic, healthy nutrition by SIS Spa in Spain

Detox cooking

Learn how to prepare delicious light dishes that have powerful detox properties for your body. We will show you a well-balanced and responsible way to lose weight through these recipes.

Healthy desserts

Discover how to make delicious desserts that are light and healthy without using refined sugars, dairy products or animal-based products. Enjoy sweet things with no regrets.

It’s not about changing our diet completely, these are just some small steps that you can take to a healthier you!

More information about the SHA Wellness Clinic programs:

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